Are you looking at me?

Now I need you to be very lenient with me today? 
No I'm not sick or anything's just that I'm posting something that I don't think I should, but I'm doing it anyway! 
It's nothing controversial or in bad taste of course.
Let me explain....I've had terrible trouble trying to find time for art since we arrived back here in the UK, but I'm determined that I'm not giving in. 
I'm going to persevere and I hope you'll forgive me for being so self-indulgent. 
My wonderful friend Jenn over at the Artist Play Room will forgive me for sure, because she understands just what it takes to meet deadlines. 

Even as I'm posting this I'm emptying the washing machine, loading the fire with logs, and trying to come up with some culinary delight for tonight's dinner and all the while McMuffy is gruffing at me for attention.
Rest assured our meal won't include lamb 
(well not tonight will all become clear below).
So I'm pushing myself to enter into the Artists Play Room, which I haven't done for what feels like years.

 Meet the clan...
 When we last lived in this house, the farmer brought his sheep and new born lambs into the back field and it was wonderful to watch all of their antics. 
The bouncing playful lambs loving life and generally having a wonderful time. 
We would watch them for hours and in fact they returned the compliment especially when we were in the garden or sitting at the window. 
Very often you'd suddenly feel like you were being watched, only to look out and see a small herd intensely concentrating on you...that is if sheep are capable of concentrating. 

Most of the time it would be okay, but we just couldn't eat lamb on such occasions. 
I'm hoping that the farmer will once again let us enjoy watching over his herd. 

The field is still empty so we're hopeful. 
All the other fields nearby are fingers crossed. 
If they do arrive I'll certainly let you know, plus maybe even taking a video to show their acrobatic skills and bouncing springiness! 
Oh I forgot to mention that this drawing isn't quite finished yet, but as the deadline was looming I thought I'd bite the bullet and post it anyway. If you look closely you can see the pencil maybe don't look closely on second thoughts!

There's no stopping me today and I'm being very tough on myself because for the first time EVER, I'm hoping that the lovely group called Paint Party Friday will allow me to entry their party.
Check out both APR and Paint Party Friday and see how much talent there is out there. 
It's so inspiring and that's what I want to keep me trying to allocate more time over the next few weeks. 
I'm hoping that if I find some kind of routine it'll all get a little easier.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Have fun and enjoy!