There's always a plus and minus in everything

So here we are...Halloween's passed and we're into November already!
Next there's Bonfire Night and before we know it, it'll be Christmas. 

But before I go any further, I want to apologise to all my fellow bloggers if I haven't  visited you lately. It's not that I don't want to...I like nothing better than to pop over to your place to see what you've been up to and I do try...honestly I really do, but at the moment my online time seems minimal. 
But I'll keep trying. 

As to art? 
Well, I just give up on that for now.  
One of the reason is that we have the builders in and it's full steam ahead. 

But wait a it's the 1st November let me show you this months photo first. 

(the rear view on 1st November)
As you can see the leaves on some of the trees have finished their colourful display, they've fallen and flown away on the wind. The branches look very bare but at least we can see the birds more clearly now. 
There's always positives in there just have to look or dig deep enough to find them.
It's good to see the beautiful blue sky too, but let me tell get that clear blue sky you need a strong wind to blow all of that grey cloud away and oh boy, did we have wind. 
(oh sorry that sounds positively rude ;D)
I think it was possibly the tail-end of the storm St Jude which we thankfully missed here.
It's been such a lazy wind today, as my mother would have didn't blow around you...just straight through! 
Again there's the plus and minus I suppose. 
(Blue sky +, freezing wind -)

Whilst the builders were busy upstairs demolishing my bathroom, McMuffy and I feared that the ceiling would come crashing down upon us, so we nipped out to the tile shop and then into the park for a quick walk. 
Note to time I must remember to wear my hat and gloves. 
(new bathroom + demolition -

It's a sharp reminder that winter's on it's way!
So before the garden is lost under a white blanket (well you never know) I thought I'd let you take a peek into the side garden. 

Well I'll love and leave you for today because after all it is Friday night and the weekend's about to enjoy and I'll see you soon.