Happy Blue Monday...

How quickly did that last weekend fly by? 
It's Monday already!
But don't be perturbed because it's a Happy Blue Monday
Although I'd like to catch up watching a 'Strictly' or an episode of the 'Great British Bake Off Masterclass' with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood 
(or as my hubby thinks just watching 'Loose Woman' all day) 
I can't because there are major decisions to be made! 
(Just before I move on, I'd like to clarify that I DON'T watch daytime TV EVER, well nearly never! ;D)
If this is your first time visiting me, then you won't be aware that although I never wanted to partake in a renovation job on our home (I've watched so many of those programme's and they nearly always go over budget, take forever and cause such stress, that I thought I could do without all of that going on in my life...there's enough ciaos already) but it appears that we're a living TV episode. 
I'm just waiting for Kevin McCloud to appear on our driveway. 

Our first major job is renovating the master bathroom. 
With all the noise, comings and goings, boots thundering overhead etc I decided to give Muffy a break. She is being desensitized to loud bangs and drills (not even flinching when our neighbour had fireworks on Saturday) but sometimes you just need to get out and have some peace. 
So we scooted to the tile shop (more decisions to made) then we stopped off in Duthie Park. 
(Duthie Park is a park of 44 acres which was donated to the city by Miss Duthie in 1880 and opened to the public in 1883...I'll be writing a post about the park at a later date). 
It's a great meeting place plus you can grab a coffee and the dogs can walk around the whole park off the lead (leash).
As we walked around look what I spotted...Blue Monday just came to mind as soon as I saw the Boat Lake. 

I couldn't have asked for more...having this chap playing with his model boat. 
It was freezing and I for one wouldn't be messing about with boats on a lake when the North Wind Doth Blow...but he seemed to be thrilled.  

I'm off to look at more bathrooms, tiles and windows now, but I did manage to add some music to the video clip that I mentioned last Blue Monday.
So if you're feeling in a little stress...take a deep breath and relax. 

Happy Blue Monday to you all.
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Smiling Sally