Hardly Wordless Wednesday more Waffling Wednesday!

I was thinking that today's post could be a 'Wordless Wednesday' but as usual I've got far too much to say. 
(Nothing new there my hubby would say!
There's far too much milling around my head and it's all desperate to come out! 
So I think perhaps I should call this post 'Waffling Wednesday' instead?
I apologise in advance if I take you all over the place and it is difficult to follow...but that's just the way my mind is working today. I've no idea what I'm going to write about at this stage or where it will lead...so strap yourself in...it could be a bumpy ride!

Firstly, it appears that it's October already according to the calender and autumn is upon us (whether we like it or not
Personally I love to see the seasonal changes. It's something I really missed whilst living in the Middle East, so I make sure that I stop to appreciate the changes as they occur. 
We seem to be in a transitional period at the moment...it's not too cold but then it's not warm either. It can take quite some time first thing in the morning to decide how many layers and what thicknesses will be needed...starting off rather chilly but later warming up when the weak sun peeks out through the grey blanket. 

Here's my entry into this months photography of the view at the rear of our property...

As you can see there's a golden glow to the tree on the left plus it holds a new bird feeder. It took nearly a whole week for the word to spread that there was a new feeder just around the corner. I think the few chaffinches that have found it and are visiting are keeping it very quiet and to themselves for now. 
The grasses near to the boundary have dried out now and their seeds scattered by the brisk breeze. The sun was very shy yesterday but it did appear sporadically during the day but I missed it! 
The hills in the far distance can hardly be seen with the low cloud. 
I'm happy to report that there's more blue sky peeping today, but the breeze has developed into very emthusiastic chilly gusts!
It's difficult to say whether the crows are either having fun or battling trying to fly around the fields. 
But here's a view from a little further back where hopefully my veg plot might be one day...I can hope!

Tell me, do you think this Virginia Creeper is showing off? 
It's certainly got into the autumn show in a big way!
I remember actually planting this plant years ago and as you can imagine I was surprised when I returned to see this stunning sight! 
I've just got to make sure it doesn't run riot now...but with that colour I can't see that as too much of a problem. 
Well for now anyway. 

Oh I must tell you about yesterday...I was a hero and saved a life!
I know that's quite a statement but its true.
I was filling the bird feeders when I heard a strange noise.
When I investigated I saw an incredible sight...there down in a drain was a tiny blue tit!
He'd fallen down the drainpipe! 
How I don't know, but there he was looking forlornly at me...so Neesie to the rescue. 
First grabbing my camera of course, but I was aware that whilst I was photographing, it could well die or drown...so please forgive the quality of the picture! 
I had to be brave because surprisingly I'm not too good at putting my hand down a drain or getting hold of a flapping bird! 
Anyway donning my gardening gloves, I removed the drain cover and gently scooped the poor wee thing up. As it got to the top of the drain...off it flew but not before he bid me a chirpy 'thank you'. 
Honestly, it sounded just like he said thank you!  
And here he is...

Keeping with little critters (see I'm trying desperately not to flit too much) we tested McMuffy's intelligence after watching a doggy programme on the TV, that showed how you can do this. For anyone wanting to try this out here's the process...
When your dog is relaxed but obviously not asleep, take a towel and gently place it over its head and see how long it takes to work it out how to get out! 
I'm pleased to report McMuffy did exactly as the TV's sheepdog...using the backing out technique and completed within seconds! 
So it appears she's as clever as a Collie! Yay!
Hmm...so all those times we've thought she was being a dumb blond...she was in fact working the system! 
Minx ^..^ 

Having said all of the above she is definitely having a problem in this house. 
It's not foxes or buzzards as we first feared but bleeps! 
Yes, I did say bleeps! 
Basically, it appears that everything in this kitchen area bleeps, which sends her scurrying upstairs. I only have to walk towards the cooker now and she's off! I have to admit it is rather annoying that everytime I press anything on the cooker a high pitch noise pierces the air. It's obviously worse for a dog's sensitive ears by McMuffy's reaction.
But it's not just the cooker...there's the washing machine, microwave, tumble dryer and fridge/freezer. Plus the car can be just the same. When did it happen that we have to have a bleep to tell us what's happening or when we're either too near, too hot or open? 
The fridge sound makes me want to run from the room too because it's so insistent.
Our last fridge/freezer back in Melbourne used to give a gentle melodious chime that told you that the door had been left open or you were taking too long to decide what to take out. No problem there...I'd shut it asap but this model...oh my word...it's impatient to say the least! 
There's help on hand though because once the Aga is serviced we will be cooking on gas as they say and as far as I remember it doesn't bleep. 
So at least thankfully that'll silence some of the bleeps. 
Back 'atcha baby....I'll have to last laugh!
I can't wait to feel its warmth as an Aga can be the heart of the home.
Everyone gravitates to it. 
There's bound to be lots of posts regarding this beauty!

Moving on again...(are you still with me...?) I thought I'd show you another of my wonderful presents that fantastic friends bought for us when we left Melbourne. The Monet apron got such a great reaction from everyone so I thought you'd like to see this...
It's a cushion with a street map of the area we used to live in. 

I thought it was such a thoughtful present because now we have a constant reminder of all the area around our old home. Isn't that fantastic? 
I did promise that once I'd left the area, I'd write a blog on the village and I still intend to...I'm just not sure when. Soon hopefully because I've taken so long that they've all probably forgotten me by now! 

I also plan to show you much more about this area and all that it offers.
I've been out snapping photos so don't worry it's not all about birds, blonds, gardening and weather. 
Here's just a snippet...
His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen is the largest theatre in north-east Scotland, seating more than 1,400. The theatre is sited on Rosemount Viaduct, opposite the city's Union Terrace Gardens. It was designed by Frank Matcham and opened in 1906.

I'll be writing about His Majesty's Theatre and possibly taking you inside at some stage. Note that beautiful blue sky! 

Phew...well I feel a little better now that I've nattered for a while with you...but really I must get on...
Don't worry I'll be back soon 
In the meantime enjoy your week whatever you get up to...have fun! 

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