Happy Blue Monday...weekend away

When the day starts off like this then you know it's going to be a special day! 
We've been away for the weekend...and yes I know I didn't tell you, but it was rather a sudden decision, so I hope you'll forgive me. 
We nipped across the boarder down into England to see family and friends.
The drive down (which takes 6 hours) is a fantastic reminder of why we love the UK. 
We've done this journey for many years, but there's always something new to see.
Every season has it's own display and this autumn was a real treat indeed. 
The trees have only just put on their autumn colours and everything has a Midas touch about it...gold everywhere. 
We're certainly rich in spectacular scenery here.  
As we stopped for the obligatory bathroom break, we suddenly became aware of a gazillion birds take off into the air from the nearby fields. 
Then as they came nearer it became quite clear that they were geese and very excited to be on their way! 

I couldn't possibly guess just how many there were, but they kept flying over for about five minutes. We just stood in wonder.
It was a fantastic sight. 
It's an indication that winter will be coming to call soon.
But that will be for another day...we're off to have fun with family! 
And that's just what we did...we had so much fun and we were spoilt wonderfully.
I spent quality time with my sister and I'm not going to divulge too much information here but I don't think I've laughed so much for months! 
So much so that at times we needed to hang on to furniture or anything that was nearby for support and at one point I was concerned that my lunch might revisit.
It really is good medicine but care should be taken in and only given in reasonable doses!

So I'll show you that although it was a mad frantic weekend crammed to the gunnels with activities there were brief calm times too.
This was one of those times just sitting watching and appreciating my nephews fish tank. 
I find it mesmerizing.
This is just one small part of it and I have a great video which I'll try to post once I find some suitable music to accompany it. 
Because it's Monday and this is such a gorgeous blue I'm linking up with Sally and her Blue Monday gang. Why don't you pop across and check out the blogs from all over the world...it really is a treat.
I think I need another few sessions staring into the fish tank to recover from the weekend but that's not going to happen.
The builders in and as usual there's masses to do so I must get a wriggle on.

I'll leave you with the sun going down on yet another special weekend.
I hope you had a great weekend too.
What did you get up to? 
Anything exciting or just relaxing to recharge the batteries? 
Or maybe you're in middle of the Halloween preparations? 
I'd love to hear all about it...so don't be shy https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif 
Let's have a natter...I'll pop the kettle on!
Happy Blue Monday to you all. 
Smiling Sally