Happy Blue Monday...Demolishing?

I suppose it's inevitable really that once you return to a house that you left 12 years earlier, things may be in need of repair, but we've actually been really lucky in that respect. There's hardly been anything broken or badly damaged I'm happy to say. 

There was however one particular item that was beyond repair. 
But it was a tough decision to let it go. 
It was the children's play /cubby or Wendy house, or whatever you like to call it depending on where you are in the world.
I'm going to call it the 'Blue Shed' just because it happens to be Happy Blue Monday today! 
As you can see it is was in pretty bad shape! 

 We actually inherited the shed when we moved into the house and I suppose that played a part at tugging at the heart strings. 
Hours of endless fun, giggles galore, picnics and hideouts...even a rabbit hutch of the highest spec and Batman's cave too no doubt. 
Enjoyed and treasured not only by my own children but by all the children that came to know it over the years. 
But sadly the wood had rotted...the roof lost all its covering and surprisingly enough wasps had been feeding on the paintwork! 
Don't ask me why but they carefully worked their way along the wood panels stripping the paint away. 
It was fascinating to watch and then look what I found when looking inside...

There were about 5 of these nests all in various different stages. 
I've never seen one before so found them fascinating. 

Anyway there was nothing for it but the shed had to go!
So who to call on for such a delicate heart wrenching demolition job? 
Why my son of course! 
I've never seen him so keen to take on a chore. 
No sentiment here obviously...let's just get stuck in!

Full PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) was a must of course. 
Don't forget Captain Safe lives here ;D
It didn't stand a chance...although I did hear that it put up a fight!

 Don't worry I saved the little red table and chair...now that I couldn't part with
When I think of all the hours of devoted play times and meals, drawing, reading and colouring sessions enjoyed whilst sitting comfy. 
(well for some maybe...my knees would be near my ears but that's beside the point) 
I just couldn't let it go. I'm a little sad because it appears the second chair has disappeared :(
Maybe some other child loves it now? 
I hope so...anyway back to the shed...

It appears my son is a demolition expert and extremely quick too, but not very good on the clearing aspect. That's clearly something we'll have to work on.  

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I'm sure you'll have a very happy Monday if you do. 

Smiling Sally

Happy Blue Monday to you all. 
I hope you have a great week whatever you have planned!
Have fun...https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508618.gif