Opportunities could be around the next corner....?

I had so much pleasure watching a robin bobbing and bouncing around the base of the bird feeder the other day. But then he flew onto a pot hanging on the house wall.
Nothing unusual there I hear you say, but then he dived down into the side of the outer pot! 
It was a tight squeeze. 
Most odd I thought...but then I realised he was going to get a drink from the surplus of water contained in the base of the pot. 
This made me realise that the water bath which was located at the rear of the house was totally in the wrong place! 
Cool fresh water was on hand but not just handy enough. 
All the birds were oblivious to its presence. 

The feeders are proving to be incredibly popular but like a good meal in a first class restaurant you need a nicely chilled drink to accompany it.
So the bird bath had to be moved nearer to the feed station...and oh how that has proved a big hit! 
There's virtually a constant queue. 

(Here's Robbie taking in the new spa...I hope you can see him as he's a little difficult to spot)

That got me thinking how life can be like that bird bath.
We might all be missing opportunities that are just out of sight or around a nearby corner.
Maybe we just have to look a little further or step out of our comfort zone to find all kinds of possibilities. 
There could be all sorts of wonderful things lying in wait for us. 

Opportunities don't always come right into our path...sometimes we have to go and look for it!
Just a quick post today...I'm working away in the studio (spare room... hehe)
I hope your Wednesday is wonderful and full of opportunity.

Oops I forgot to post the view outside my window on the 1st September...forgive me? 

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