Happy Blue Monday...Blue Sky, Sea and there's Sunshine!

I feel I need to shout this from the rooftops!
We have had a fantastic weekend with the warmest temperatures in the UK.
I know...I can't believe it either but it was true.
We captured the end of the summer (the equinox) in a very special way!
I know we're on limited time to enjoy the warmth of the sun, with winter lurking just around the corner, but we certainly made the most of it over the weekend. 
Look here's the proof...
Can you feel that warmth?
It's incredible because we've had quite chilly weather over last week and I nearly succumbed to my thermals. Call me a woos, but at the risk of repeating myself 
Anyway...I digress (what's new I hear you say...) 
So we all jumped into the car, hubby, daughter, son, McMuffy and I and headed to the coast.
The boot of the car was decidedly lower than the front and it wasn't just because the girls were in the back! It was heavily laiden with various garbs of clothing from fleeces to duck down filled jackets...well you never know what to expect especially when you are heading off to the beach and a coastal walk in the East of Scotland. 
Be prepared is my motto :D

This cove is situated in the historic fishing village of Catterline. 
Perched on cliff tops overlooking the bay and harbour are fantastic little fishing cottages. There's lots of history here.

We'd just finished walking along the cliff top to the RSPB Fowlsheugh nature reserve where we reminisced about the last time we had been there...many years ago. 
I remember that the noise was deafening from all the nesting birds accommpanied with a powerful pong! 
I remember my ears nearly dropping off with the freezing wind that whipped around the cliffs, but that was then and this is now...beautifully calm, fresh crisp sea air and warming sun. 
We were obviously not in the nesting season at this time of year, but we did have the privilege of seeing and hearing all the geese flying overhead trying desperately to work out whether to fly south or not? Their constant vocal call seemed to say "Do we go or do we stay? I thought it was cold enough didn't you? But actually I'm really rather warm now...maybe we should stay awhile? 
It's amazing just how far away their calls can be heard. You normally hear them long before you see them in their ever changing formation V.
Upon walking back along the cliff tops we were so thrilled because there below was a large pod of dolphins. Another amazing spectacle :D
I tried desperately to capture them on camera but failed miserably. 
Here's one of the better photos which gives you some idea of what a task I had. 
See how near I am to that cliff edge? 

One sneeze and I'd have been a goner!

You can see the dolphin if you zoom in...promise! 

Who could resist a little toe dipping on a day like this, although my son took it to a whole new level...stripping off and diving in! 
I've never seen him move so quick once the water hit him...then there was the scramble to get back into his clothes to hide his modesty! Hehe ;D

And so as you can imagine we'd worked up quite an appetite but help was at hand because can you believe it...The Creel Inn was just where we'd parked our car...
fancy that!

The Creel Inn
(photo courtesy of The Creel Inn website...I was too busy eating)
We actually sat out on these tables to devour our fantastic seafood platter fresh from the boat. The white paintwork was actually painful on the eyes due to the terrific sun light...but we weren't complaining. 
I couldn't resist snapping these lobster pots stacked along the rear wall as we were leaving. 

So have you detected that there's a theme here today?
I couldn't possibly be blue on this beautiful Monday...but it appears I am.
So after visited Little Wandering Wren earlier today for my Aussie fix and seeing her blue post, I wanted to join in too with a happy Blue Monday.
I'm a sucker for blue, so if you are too or just nosy interested then why not pop across to see Sally and the other Blue Monday posts.

Happy Blue Monday and have a great week!

Blue Monday Instructions

Thanks for stopping by...I've got so many bloggy bits scrambling to get posted, so I'll probably be back soon. 
(In a hushed voice)...I hear that rain is coming this way on Wednesday for who knows how long, so I'll stay indoors then...right now I'm getting out there to enjoy it! 
I hope you have a Happy Monday too