Ahh...remember those play days...

Muffin isn't amused this morning...she's even reluctant to go outside for a quick sortee because the temperature dropped last night to only 3 degrees!
It came as a sharp shock to us too, but Muffin has just curled up to stay cosy and isn't happy. I can relate to that because once the temperature dips below 16C degrees, I too want to shut down.
I think I may be in trouble this winter...what do you think? :(

Anyway two chimneys are now sending smoke signals out to the locals and we're slowly warming up, so all is not lost. We do have central heating for reinforcements plus the Aga but I don't want to rely on those just yet. At this time of year it can swing from warm to chilly and back again, extremely quickly. 
Hold the thermals but have them handy!

I was just watching Muffy snoozing and snoring like an old trouper with her legs and muzzle twitching away and thought "I wonder what she's dreaming about"? 
Then I thought maybe she was having fun playing with her bestie Zac once again! 
Ahh...remember the warm sun filled days...chicken filled tums...and a good tough and tumble on the carpet ^..^

Here's a little video clip that I took when we lived in Melbourne. 
Zac was staying with us at the time so there were lots of play-time. 
The video was taken on a Sunday just before lunch hence the dulcet tones of Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful World' playing on the radio in the background. 
Very appropriate for these two. 
Gravy stirring music as I always like to think of these kinds of tunes. 
It's a must when I'm cooking a Sunday roast dinner to have this kind of music playing. 
I have so many lovely memories of helping make Sunday lunch as a child and one of my jobs would be to stir the gravy
There would always be a Swooner Crooner singing away in the background.  

They had such a special relationship. 

Thanks for stopping by...I really love to see and hear from you.
Have a great day and don't forget to have fun too!