What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday...WOYWW #221

Well hello all you lovely WOYWWer's out there...
(which for anyone visiting who doesn't know what 'WOYWW' stands for...
it's 'What's on Your Work desk Wednesday'. 
Every Wednesday Julia over at Stamping Ground hosts an artistic/crafting get-together where you can nip around desks from all over the world, to check out what people are creating. 
Okay, so it's a great excuse for a good nosy around...hey I'm the first to admit it...I like to take a peek into peoples lives. 
WOYWW's are such a talented group and they're so friendly, they'd love you to pop over to see their space...but don't go just yet...take a peek at my space first.
I say space because it is quite literally a space at the moment. I can hardly call it a studio or art room. 
I'm having an ongoing argument debate about what this room should be used for...but I've had it in my little head that it was to be MINE ALL MINE!!!
Besides the light is fantastic and I'll need all the light I can get once we head into the winter months...
...end of story!

You can see in the bottom left hand corner of this photo my art supplies, which have yet to be unpacked. One of the cushions on the chair was a gift from friends...the fabric is printed with the area that we lived in whilst in Melbourne. It shows a detailed map and is a fantastic memento.
The large print resting over the fireplace at the moment, is a photographic ariel view of Melbourne, not framed or hung yet, but we'll get there.

This next photo is the view from the other side of the room. 
There's my desk which is just perfectly situated for me to keep an eye on the bird feeders. 
(Don't look at the curtains...they're about to go)

I'm not sure its a good idea though because I get distracted so easily. 
For instance, I was so excited this morning because I had a new visitor....a Great Spotted Woodpecker 

(photo courtesy of wikipedia because my photo was just a blur...
but I'll keep working on it assuming he comes back)

ANYWAY...Julia likes us to keep our WOYWW posts brief...oh dear!

(cough) Moving on quickly, I will show you what I've finally managed to draw this week. 
If you're a regular visitor here, then you'll know how I've struggled to find the time to fit any art into my day.
But I did manage to draw a few 'thank you' cards for friends that have very kindly given us pressies, for our big move from Melbourne back to the UK. 
I wanted to do something Scottish but not a zentangle as such...just a drawing. 
So here it is....

I was in two minds whether to 'tangle the leaves but decided in the end to leave them. 
Then I was thinking of adding colour, but I think I'll maybe have a play later. 
At the moment the top priority was to get the cards into the post. 
After all we did leave Melbourne nearly two months ago! 

But there's another treat in store for you today...because I have another card to show you. 
But I didn't draw this one. It was a fantastic surprise and had travelled all the way from Brisbane to drop through my letterbox. Vonny from VonnyK Art had very kindly sent it to me. 

How amazing is this....

Vonny had even researched the 'Allan' tartan because she knows my surname isn't 'Natters'...she's not only a talented artist she's also clever like that!
I love, love LOVE IT!!!!

Look at how light I am on my feet...as well as slim waisted, beautiful shaped legs and there isn't a wrinkle in sight! 
How kind....Bless her
But the more astute snoops amongst you will have already noticed that there's a little something extra in the shot. Vonny made a necklace too. She decided to make a chook necklace because that's what we are, a bunch of old chooks she said...but I think she really meant that we're spring chicks!!! 
Yeah that's what she meant!

So there you have my WOYWW for this week peeps...don't forget to nip across to Julia at Stamping Ground to see lots of creativity. 
Have fun and thanks for stopping by at my place. 
It's always lovely to see you and even better when you leave a comment.
I'll try to visit you all but I can't promise. 

Happy WOYWW to you all.