What's Happening In the Wood Shed?

I've been brought down to earth with a bump today...not a hard bump but a little bump all the same. I've had to close windows due to a rather chilly breeze that is reminding me that yes, we're in Scotland now and not Australia!  
Autumn could be coming to call soon.
That's okay because we've been here before, so in good 'Girl Guide' or 'Boy Scout' fashion we're making preparations. 
To be honest even if we were in the tropics I think my hubby would still want to chop wood and have real fires. So it's quite fitting that he can indulge in this passion because now thankfully we have a special building allocated just for that precise purpose. 
This wood shed is in fact a solid granite out-building.  
There had to be some serious clearing out first...not just junk but spiders, humongous webs, abandoned birds nests, broken windows and the door frame.  
Plus stacking just a few hundred spare roof tiles we've inherited. 

We contemplated dismantling the old stove inside but decided that we'd leave it in. It was doing no harm and I love to have old things with a little history around me...don't you? 
So once everywhere was clear in came the wood palettes. 
Apparently according to 'woody' sorry my hubby, you need to stack the wood in a certain way and have it elevated off the floor with good air flow in order that it can carry on drying out! 

Yes Dear!
This photo on the bottom left is the side view of the building. 
Hey...did you notice that sunlight? 
Sorry, I just thought I'd point that out to everyone that thinks it never shows it's face in Scotland! 
Right the 'Des Res' for logs is ready and waiting...

After intensive research...(I kid you not peeps)...my hubby contacted numerous a local company to arrange delivery of a substantial amount of hardwood. 
Yep hardwood is the best apparently. 
Are you still with me...?

Enter Bob and Charlie...
Yes I know that's a lot of logs but let me tell you they didn't just drop off this load, they returned three (or was it four) times! 
I have to say that I've never met such great guys who have pride in their work and a passion for what they're doing. I'm sorry to say there's quite a few cowboys out there and it was so refreshing doing business with these guys. 
All the wood is dry and beautifully cut. 
Hubby was well impressed although I suspect he wasn't sure to be pleased or not because his chopping skills wouldn't be needed now. 
I had visions of him tucked away in the woodshed for months! 

Bob and Charlie have given it so much thought that they even cut 'lady logs' so that there's no excuse ladies are able to handle them with ease! 
Now isn't that thoughtful...?
I need to say I'm not so sure about this caring act because as we progressed with stacking the logs my hubby suddenly remembered that he'd got something incredibly important that just had to be tended to in town and promptly disappeared! %$#@
Now if the logs hadn't been delicate lady logs but big bloody bloke logs then I wouldn't have been able to spend the next 7 hours moving them off the driveway would I ?!!?!! 
The Silver Soft-top came in very handy I have to say...
Plus I did have help it has to be said...my son and his muscles came in very handy. 
We even had time to play 'Jenga'
(Remember air flow...in order for the wood to carry on drying out...sigh)

And even after that many logs, we still have space for more...rumour has it that more might be delivered next week. 
I'm sure I'll be washing my hair when it lands! 

As I mentioned above...both Bob and Charlie are great guys so they deserve success. 
(oops I should perhaps mention here that I'm not receiving any reward, remuneration etc for this post...there that clears that up...just in case you wondered
Because they're not content to reap the rewards of their success solely for themselves ...they're wanting to pass it on. 
For every 20 truck loads of logs sold they are going to donate a full truck of logs to worthy causes through charitable organisations...ie old people, people with young families or just anyone in need of a little helping hand. 
People who may struggle with their heating bills this coming winter. 
Now I think that's brilliant and it is so refreshing to hear.  

With aching limbs, taut biceps and triceps, broken nails and unbelievably weary I went to see where we'd stock any excess wood...and look what I found at the rear of the building...1906!

As you could see in the photos above the sun was shining beautifully on that day and in fact generally since we arrived it's been brilliant. We've even managed to eat al-fresco on many occasions which is unbelievable really. I never expected that when we left Melbourne...I thought we might be lucky on the odd occasion, but not six nights in a row in that first week. It was surreal.

But as expected it's beginning to get a little chilly at night. Not too chilly...just the type that makes you want to light a fire to settle down to relax in front of for the evening.
Hey come on...we now have wood and we're not afraid to use it!

Here's our family room wood burner and inglenook....now how's that for escape to the country? 
(That's a little wave to all my Aussie friends out there that adore watching the programme 'Escape to the Country'...I never knew it was so popular until I mentioned that we were going home and the house was in the country) 

See those logs roar...those ladies are the bizz!

Unfortunately Bob and Charlie don't have a website, so I can't link you to them.
A website is on their plan, but at the moment they're just too busy chopping wood.
Hey...I've just realised maybe I shouldn't have mentioned them because now you all may want your logs from them and they might run out!!!

Have a great week and thanks for popping by everyone.
Oh yeah...if anyone likes to stack wood then just let me know?
Yeah I know...you're washing your hair too!