Summer Rain...and visitors to my garden

We've been living in a cloud for the last five days...
Low misty dampness rolling over the fields and hills...but we are still in August, so thankfully it's still relatively warm. Perhaps it's just giving me a gentle nudge that soon the summer will come to a close, therefore I want to appreciate it to the maximum. 

I thought you might like to see some of my garden 
(well I was just playing really...challenging myself to make a little video and posting it with music etc...and I managed it! Yay)
I'll make sure that I capture the sun on the next video and not take it through the window! 

(for the first three weeks after we arrived back here we hardly saw a bird in the garden but now the word has certainly spread...'there's a five star restaurant for birds opened up in the neighbourhood'.
We're seeing so many different types now from the large wood-pigeons to the tiny finches and wrens. 
It's a pure delight)

There was a little reprieve yesterday afternoon as the sun worked its way through the cloud to warm and delight us once again. 
We decided to eat our Sunday Roast outside as it could be the last time for many months. 
But then who knows? 
The UK weather (as many of you will know) is very unpredictable. 
Take today for is still early as I type and the mist is still hanging very low all around but there's reports that it will burn off later and we could have sun and temperatures in the 20's!
That'll do for me thank you.
Whatever your weather...enjoy!