My view on 1st August 2013

Hello I'm going to let the photo below speak for itself...
I promised I'd take a photo each month to show the changes of the view from the rear of the house.
It could be like watching paint dry, but I'm hoping that the weather, seasons plus the farmland crops will show just how changeable the landscape can be. 
So here's the 1st August entry...after most of the day being wrapped in a cloud which was so low we couldn't even see the other side of the has finally lifted to reveal the blue sky above. 
It's been warm, wet and sunny over the last month so the grass has grown quite lush. 
The farmer has also been busy.

Currently I'm busy editing my castle wedding, so hopefully I'll be able to post that tomorrow. I was so near to posting it this afternoon, but suddenly it went whoosh...and disappeared. 
I can tell you the air was blue never mind the sky!!!

So what do you have for your view today?
I hope you have enjoyed both the view and the day.
Chat again soon hopefully over a cuppa, kilts and a ceilidh 
(pronounced kay-lee,,,scottish country dancing)