Fairy Tale Wedding at Drumtochty Castle (Part 2)

So where were we? 
Ahh yes...'Drumtochty Castle' in the superb Scottish countryside celebrating a fairy-tale wedding. 

This was the first sight of the Castle as we drove up the drive...
I have to admit my tummy did do a tumble when I saw this fabulous entrance. 
I knew we were in for a wonderful experience in a very special place.

I did take lots of photographs at the wedding but obviously I want to respect the happy couples privacy. So with that in mind, I'll just let you take a peek at the bride and groom.
This photo was taken outside St Palladius Church where the ceremony took place, which is perfectly located close to Drumtochty castle.   

'Just Married'

I have to say that all the guys dressed in their kilts looked 'afa bonnie' ;D
And so back to the castle for the reception. 
The main ballroom...

(Photograph courtesy of Drumtochty Website)

Ahhh....the cutting of the cake sealed with a kiss. 

We were lucky to actually stay at the Castle Stables located within the tranquil wooded glen of Drumtochty. It was originally built around 1850. 
The Stables are built amongst beautiful gardens, a small lake and a water stream.
Naturally an Estate like Drumtochty Castle needed big stables for horses and carriages plus the accommodation for all the stable staff to provide a 24 hour service, but in modern times there was no need for these services anymore and the building disused, soon became derelict.

(Photography courtesy of Drumtochty Highland Games)

It did look so sad and unloved didn't it? 
But wait because it was rebuilt in the traditional style and converted into modern flats and apartments. The "Stables" now provide very much sought after accommodation. 
The Stables of Drumtochty Castle

The Stables are set in a magical place with loch, woodland and stream plus marked foot paths and cycle routes through Drumtochty Forest for 12.4 miles.
I must confess that it was such a luxury to be able to nip back to the Stables to refresh before the evening got underway.

With a tummy full of 'Stovies' everyone was fired up ready for the night of dancing and celebrations ahead.

For those of you not familiar with 'Stovies'...the recipes and ingredients vary widely, but the dish always contains potatoes and, variously, onions, leftover roast beef, corned beef, minced beef or other meat. The potatoes are cooked by stewing with fat and stock. To stove means to stew in Scottish. Lard, beef dripping or butter may be used. They maybe accompanied by oatcakes. 
I plan to have a go at making them at some stage and will no doubt post about it.

This photo is of my hubby standing on a chair in order to see more of the dance floor, where the ceilidh dancing was well under way. It's all a mystery to him as to how and where you are supposed to spin, whirl, swish and twirl...so trust me it's best he's out of the way! 
No, I won't go further as he is in a kilt after all...and I wouldn't wish that on any of you! ;D

The official wedding photography was Nicholas and Carol Frost Photography and if you enjoy looking at wedding photographs or maybe just want to see some really professional fantastic work then click here.
And so the happy couple are now ready to start their new life together. I'd love to tell you where they were heading for their honeymoon, but it was all a huge secret and I've yet to catch up to find out where their honeymoon destination was...for all I know they could still be there.

I'd love to hear any of your wedding stories...yes the successes and disasters!
My own wedding had quite a few disasters on the day, but we've just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary, so whomever told me that the torrential thunder rain lashing down would bring us good luck must have known a thing or two! 
I apologise for my disbelief at the time because I thought they were just trying to be nice and distracting me from the 'pick up your dress and just make a run for the car' comments! 
Oh yes and the wedding car broke down on the way to collect me, so I arrived at the church very late..but the groom was still there, along with a huge sigh of relief as I finally got to the top of the aisle. 
Thankfully all the wedding party hadn't given up on me either! 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!