Melbourne to the problem for Muffty

Many of you have kindly been asking how Muffin got on with travelling from one side of the world to the other. Well let me tell you she did extremely well...thanks to Jet Pets.
The fact that it cost more to transport her than it has for us to ship our car across, has nothing to do with it! 
She's worth every penny and that's all there is to it! 

On the day of her departure from Melbourne, we had people all over the house...
...the air freight was being packed in one room and the furniture rental company where in another, so Muffin was having the time of her life meeting and mingling with everyone. 
Being the centre of attention is what she loves best! 

So when the Jet Pet man came through the door to collect her, she greeted him in her usual enthusiastic way. 
I ensured that I had all the paperwork organised and ready to hand over, explaining that if there was anything that needed to be done or said we'd best do it now, because I knew I'd be a complete mess when it came to handing her over. (AND I WAS)

I know some people will laugh at me saying she's just a dog...but believe me she's much more than just a dog to us. 

And so the time had come when she had to start her journey (deep breath)
She was completely oblivious as to what was about to happen...

Before she knew it...she was placed very kindly into her crate...but oh boy as you can see she wasn't happy! 

To say I was worried is an understatement...but having Jet Pets taking care of all the details, I needn't ...but then that would have been like asking me not to breathe!!! 

Their International network of offices and operation centres monitor every step of your pets journey, to and from anywhere on the planet!

Here's some of the features that their International service include: 
-  A dedicated International Pet Travel Consultant
-  Flight booking on the most direct flight to your destination
-  Comprehensive itinerary
-  Detailed information about your destinations quarantine and customs requirements
-  Boarding (if required)
-  Arranging an airline approved travel crate – including free Jetpets Stay Dry Fleece
-  Expert pet travel advice about any vaccinations your pet may require
-  Jetpets Veterinary home visit to provide necessary vaccinations (Melbourne & Sydney)
-  Collection in a Jetpets Animal Transport Vehicle (if required)
-  Access to Jetpets Transit Lounge (pre flight)
-  Health check by Jetpets Veterinarian pre flight (Melbourne & Sydney)
-  Pet priority check-in at airport
-  Delivery of your pet(s) in a Jetpets Animal Transport Vehicle (if required)
-  Convenient payment over the phone
-  24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year customer service

We actually arrived in the UK the day before Muffin, but that was all part of the plan...I wanted to be there when she was delivered. 
I won't tell you how many times I checked the driveway for her arrival. 
You probably wouldn't believe me anyway! 

Finally the van chauffeur driven limo arrived...and I was like a whippet out of the traps ^..^
Oh it was so brilliant to see and hear her! 
She heard my voice and wanted OUT!!!

We were actually staying at my sister's house for that first week of our return home and she has a fantastic garden which Muffin immediately enjoyed...stretching her legs.

Here's Muffin taking it all in...her first few hours in the UK. 
She landed at 5.30am and was with us by 3pm after going through all the checks and procedures. 
You would never know that she had done that journey...and possibly had a little holiday romance along the way. Apparently I believe there had been a little Jack Russell who had accompanied her on the same flight! 
I'm saying nothing just in case Zac reads this post...he'd be terribly upset. 

Thankfully I'd also organised to pack some of the Aussie sunshine into our freight which made the transition that much easier. 
We had an overnight stay in Edinburgh at my daughters on the way up...which reinforced our suspicion that Muffin and cats wouldn't get on. My daughter has two (one being a rag-doll which is twice the size of Muffy) but thankfully we were able to keep them separate by the glass lounge door! 
There was spitting, arched backs and yelping but all safely from a distance. 

And so finally one week and 12,000 miles later we finally arrived home.

Here's Mufftypup on her new look out post! 
The trouble is we are on a country lane so there's not a lot happening for most of the time.
Shh...let's not disillusion her.

But look at the off leash park! :D
Can you spot her? 

I'm rather nervous about foxes, buzzards and all the other beasties, but it's great to see her enjoying the freedom. 
She was very adventurous to begin with...especially once she was on a scent! 
It's amazing just how deaf she can be if she's on a trail...forget all the training...she's oblivious.
It didn't help to alleviate my concerns when we first arrived that there were three dead rabbits dotted around the garden. Something appears to like furry little things!'s good :D own that's special! 
Not sure about so many things...the latest is the busy bees visiting the clover flowers 
(yes I know we need to cut the grass, but we've been knee deep in packing boxes...we'll get there)

We've now started training in 'how NOT to eat a bee'
This could take some time...

So we'll leave Muffy here enjoying the sun going down...

Finally I thought I'd post this view of a bee visiting the Delphinium in the garden. 
I actually planted them before we left the house all those years ago. 
It seems strange to see them all grown up! 

Just before I go...I'd just like to thank everyone who nipped across to see 'Little Wandering Wren's' Blog.
I hope you have a great week.