Little Wandering the rescue

Good Morning to you all...
(or whatever time of day or night that it happens to be with you right now)
As you can imagine life has been pretty hectic over the last three much so that I've actually lost nearly 3 kilos! 

Not misplaced like an overnight bag (containing crucial anti-wrinkle cream) or my favourite wok, which hasn't turned up yet, but really lost! 
To move half way across the planet isn't the best weight loss programme I have to say, because in fact it can work out pretty expensive per kilo but it does work! 

So before I carry on with my current adventures and get you up to speed on everything that's going on here...
I have something very important that I want to share with you. 

I realise that quite a few of my visitors enjoyed keeping up to date with what was happening in and around Melbourne...or just Australia in general and so guess what? 
I've got my stand-in or should I say my replacement ready and waiting for you.

(photo thanks to Google Earth)

Jenny Wren has been a keen follower of my blog for quite some time and so when she decided she'd like to join our merry band out here in blog-land, I couldn't resist helping her get started. 
We shared some quality time together over copious amounts of tea and snackets (it's compulsory when creating as you know) whilst I blindly led her through what I'd managed to pick up along the way.
It was a sheer delight to see her excitement when slowly each piece of her blog came to life.
Remember those days? 

Little Wandering Wren (as her name describes) has traveled extensively and would love for you to join her on her travels and adventures. She's a Brit too so what more can I say...we could be from the same egg! 

She wrote an amazingly clever post upon my departure and even managed to capture some of your blogs within the go on make her day and pop across to see what's happening in her neck of the woods. 
I know you're going to love visiting plus she's promised to pop the kettle on for anyone who stops by... 
I'm sure she'd be even more thrilled if you just let her know that you've been there by leaving a quick message. Thank you for your support...I knew I could rely on you lovely lot :D

I'm going to be back up and running here from Monday...thank goodness we'll have full internet access from then.
Muffy has lots she'd like to tell you about and I've been clicking my camera like a mad woman!
Plus we had a fabulous day at the fairy tale wedding in the castle. 

The weather's been fantastic even though it was expensive to freight across...everyone has been very appreciative so it was well worth it!  
I can't wait to share it all with come back soon

Enjoy your day and make the most of every minute...its a gift!