Is there anybody out there....?

Hellooooo....remember me?
How you doing? It's great to see you again....
It's been so long since we chatted but as you may or may not know I've been living in another dimension. 
Hopefully after this weekend I'll be back on some sort of even keel. 
Well that's the plan anyway.
So basically just a quick update today...
We packed up and left Melbourne...arrived to the wonderful meet and greet from our family for a week...then on to our daughter for an overnight stay before finally arriving home (wow that sounds very surreal) 
Literally upon our arrival the 40ft container of furniture arrived on the driveway...although that's not strictly true. It couldn't make it onto the driveway so had to park up further down the lane and unload to a smaller van for that final leg of the journey. What a drama but that's for another day.
We are currently living in a sea of packing boxes which by some strange phenomenon hasn't diminished in anyway...or that's how it seems even though we've been working from dawn to dusk. 
260 boxes in total...argh...where and when did I get all this stuff. 
And to think I thought I'd downsized too!
But like most things in life there's always something to make you stop and be thankful for admist all the chaos and here's a peek at what I saw from my back window on our first day...

Yes...that is blue sky and I promise I haven't used photo shop. In fact everyday since we've arrived back in 'Good Old Blightly' the weather has been fantastic. 
I hope you're sitting down when I tell you that it even reached 30 degrees celsius one day! 

And so our first day back reacquainting ourselves with our home comes to a's been an exhausting day but a good one.

I think this view might be a regular feature on my posts as the weather and seasons change...
Anyway this is a quick post this morning because today we are off to a fairy tale wedding in a Scottish castle. 

I would just like to say thank you to everyone for all our kind wishes and comments. It's been lovely to know that you are there, but I just couldn't manage to reply. 
But I hope to rectify that soon. 
In the meantime take care and I hope to see you again soon...I've got so much to show and chat about.
Toodleloo for now