Farewell Melbourne...its been great knowing you...

I couldn't nip off without putting a quick post out to you first, but I have to emphasis that it really is a quickie!
I'm just waiting for the car to take us off to the airport! 
I wrote a great post last night and whilst I was finishing it off....it went whoosh somewhere and disappeared so I'll have to redo that one once I arrive back in the UK. It was 1.30am so I had to stop. 
It was SO annoying!

Anyway we've had our last night in Melbourne and there's no more sleeps to go (sob sob) 
so it's talleyho and away we go!
I've been sent photographic evidence by my daughter that the weather over there in the UK has taken a turn for the better. 
The sun is out! Yay! 
That's unless my daughter has used photoshop for her pics ;D

But I'm really so sad to be leaving Melbourne...we've had a fantastic five years! 
Thank you everyone for everything!

(Flinders Street Station)

I'll be revisiting Melbourne again because I've still got gazillions of photos to share with you.
Thanks again Melbourne...it's been great knowing you and who knows we may be back!
Never say never eh?
Au revoir for now
I'll catch up with you when I've clicked my glitzy red heels and arrive home!
In the meantime take care everyone