What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday...WOYWW

I'm just nipping in quickly today to show a break down of my Mandala.
I've been asked could I show how it came about and I'm not one to disappoint...
...so here it is....

I simply started with a book (which is a constant in my life since I first started to read) and then I added patterns and shapes as I progressed outwards to make the circle. 
In the close up picture you can see (hopefully) some of the things that are important to me or things that I like. It's as simple as that.

I completed the whole thing in three sessions (or was it four)...not only to give my eyes a rest but to think about what should be added.

I should explain that the 'neesie natters' isn't actually written on the original design (other than on the little laptop in the mandala).
I added that before posting. 

And here's the finished design. 
There are about 40+ items contained within...can you count them all? 
I made some cards with the design to accompany leaving pressies and they were well received.

As you can imagine things are pretty hectic around here at the moment, with moving from one part of the planet to the other...plus my hubby had 'man flu' over the weekend and has kindly passed it to me! 
Maybe I should have been more sympathetic! It's now come back to bite me :(
Oops nearly forgot to show my desk...or should that read dining table!
Yes I'm back into the dining room again...or sort of...as you can see there's not much here. 

Just the rental table and chairs as our furniture has just passed through the Suez Canal on its way to the UK.
The few bits that are sitting on the window ledge are my entire art supplies for now. 
Is it any wonder that my mojo has decided to take a break! 

 Sparse looking isn't it? 
Hey...but see that sun and light? That's winter peeps I kid you not!
Not bad eh? 

Anyway before I pass on any germs to you, maybe you should scoot and check out what's going on over at Julia's Stamping Ground and see more desks that hopefully won't be full of germs. 
It's a lot of fun and everyone is so friendly and supportive.  
I'll try to visit as many people as I can this week without passing on my germs but I'm not promising.   
Have fun everyone and enjoy your Wednesday!