What's on Your Work Desk, Wednesday....WOYWW #208

I've picked a very special week to revisit WOYWW (What's On Your Work Desk, Wednesday) because this week it's their 4th Anniversary! 
I haven't visited the gang for so long that I'm actually surprised I remember what to do! 
Since my last WOYWW I've visited the South Island of New Zealand, my son has celebrated his 21st Birthday, my studio has disappeared, my laptop has died and I'm about to leave Melbourne FOREVER!
It's quite a list isn't it....but thankfully my art has kept me sane....or as near to sane as I can be.

So here's a look at my desk.... 

Well I use the term desk loosely because yep, I'm back to creating on a dining table, although in this case this table isn't ours. This table is a rental and along with a few other pieces we've gone with the minimalist look. 
We've packed all of our own worldly goods and they are sailing across the globe as I type. Hopefully they'll arrive at the same time that we do. Well that's the plan.   
There's one thing that strikes me with our new minimalist home and that is if it's not here then it doesn't need dusting or cleaning leaving much more time for art! Yay!

Unfortunately due to all of this craziness, I'm not able to participate in the WOYWW anniversary ATC swap, even though last year I decided that I'd definitely be involved. But there again I thought I'd still be settle and not about to take part in our own BIG swap...on house move number 12!!! 

So maybe you should check out what's going on over at Julia's Stamping Ground and see more desks. It's a lot of fun and everyone is so friendly and supportive.  
Congratulations Julia on your 4th Anniversary and to everyone in the WOYWW gang.  
Have fun everyone