Change is in the air.....

The change in the weather here today has lead me to think of home.
Not the place I rest my head every night or the place I've enjoyed living in for the last few years but home...that place miles away...well 12,000 miles away to be exact.
The change in the weather is perfectly timed for our next trip.
Yes, I know I haven't even finished the New Zealand posts yet (which I promise I will) but this trip has been planned for some time now.
I just haven't got around to telling you about it yet.
Don't worry I'm giving you some time to get used to the idea because we don't depart for another month or so....beside I need time to get used to the idea myself.
And so...where are we heading next? Have you guessed yet?
I hope you're sitting down because we're off home!
To the UK!!!
Yes, finally after 24 years of travelling we've decided to call it a day and settle back in 'Blighty'.
There have been other destinations and possibilities discussed but we've decided to head home.
I have to admit I've so many mixed feelings over this next move.
Move number 12 can you believe!
Remember all of those packing boxes not so long ago....with move number 11 well they came back last week and in fact they even multiplied!

We've considered every factor to reach this big decision and had umpteen nights of being awake from 2am so it's not one that we have taken lightly...that's for sure.
 There are so many things that I'll miss but the world is a much smaller place with the internet and I have every intention of keeping up close and personal with all my Aussie connections.
One thing I won't be able to send back though is the light!
I now realise that the light in the Southern Hemisphere is totally different than that of the Northern'd think a world traveller would know that sort of thing but I hadn't realised just how different it can be and what a huge impact it can have on you.
I think one of the first purchases once I land might be to buy one of those bright light therapy lamps recommended by doctors as the first line treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Just in case....
I've always remained positive on this blog and that's the way I plan to carry matter what it takes!

At least with this move I know exactly what I'm returning to and that sits very comfortably.
We'll also have our daughter close to hand for the first time in years which will be perfect...I'll just have to remember the novelty might wear off if I'm a nuisance.
We also have every member of both sides of our family all living within a 10 mile radius of each other...although we'll have a few hours distance between us. 
I'm looking forward to moving back into the house that I loved and had difficulty leaving in the first place.
I never really got to know it...if any floorboards creak, wood burners and open fires plus getting familiar with cooking on the Aga again. I have wonderful memories of the 11ft Christmas tree that we brought into the hallway...and the bonfire night celebrations in the old ruined cobble stone barn which we call 'the folly'. Country Life here we come.....

Can you believe that this is my studio!
I feel rather sad looking at this photo, but it will be fine as I get to completely design a new one.
How exciting is that? Will you help me?
If you have any ideas and good tips then please just pop a comment below.
I only borrowed this's been brilliant but it'll be fantastic to organise my own.
Here's someone who doesn't seem to be bothered by all the weird happenings going fact I think she's loved having so many people coming just to see her!

One of the packers was so taken with her that I had to check where she was when he was about to leave because I felt sure he might have had her tucked away somewhere.
Oh yes...I should say 'YES OF COURSE SHE'S COMING WITH US'!!!!
How could we possibly leave her behind?
In fact she's been for her rabies jab today and amazingly enough seems to have forgiven me.

As you can see she wasn't much help with the early was all so very tiresome!   
But as they say....there's no rest for the wicked and let me tell you I must be extremely bad because it was an exhausting week.
That's one reason why my posts and visiting has been very sporadic of late to say the least.
Oh yes and the fact that my laptop died!!!

This was our 40ft container waiting for our worldly goods to be seemed so huge but then we do have a lot of stuff and I did fret that we'd have to make the terrible decision as to what would fit in or what would have to be left behind.


And here it is...with everything in!
I can't praise the guys who worked on the packing enough...but maybe I should wait until we open up all the packages at the other end.  No seriously they worked like Trojans.
Two of the team were a father and son who had such a brilliant working relationship. The father had some incredible tales to tell and mentioned he'd been doing this kind of job since he was 13 years old. 

So now we have a minimalistic look about the place, with just a few rental essentials for our remaining weeks. It feels like we are on holiday again.
It's such fun to start to cook and go to get a favourite pan or utensil to then realise...doh...of course it's not there. Oh what fun I'm having having to improvise constantly!!!! :(

I hope you'll join me on this new adventure because there's going to be lots to talk about and certainly lots to photograph. I'd love to have your company along the way :D
That's one of the things I'm looking forward to...showing you all the wildlife and visitors that I remember that used to call into our garden...I wonder if the pheasants, deer, badgers and buzzards still come to visit us?Not to mention the foxes and rabbits. I think there will be lots of fun and games plus challenges ahead as I want to create a veggie garden, plus I may even venture to own my own chooks!
Who knows....the possibilities are endless!
I'm trying not to think about the actual transporting of Mufftypup but at least she won't have to go into quarantine like last time. I couldn't bare to do that again. If you want to see what happened on Muffy's mission from the Middle East click here.
I also worry about how she will get on with the UK weather! I think she may well be an Aga magnet.
But I might have to fight her for that position....remember I don't like to be in temperatures below 16 degrees! She does have jumpers and coats already so that'll help, but I know she likes the heat more than the cold so I'm sure they'll be some antics ahead.
But I hopefully will be able to dispel some of the terrible myths about the UK weather...I've already asked that the thermostat be turned up in readiness for our arrival.
I have lots planned that I'd love to share with, baking, gardening, setting up of the new studio, house and garden projects, plus all the historical tours and revisiting of so many fantastic places. We also will be exploring more of Europe now that we've been over this side of the world for so long.
So it won't be all about the weather ~ promise!
Although I suppose it'll be featured in there I'm sure...I'm just thinking what Muffy might think about snow! I can almost hear her now..."we are NOT amused'! ^..^
Just an additional thought.....
I'm aware that there are many people that are dealing with lots of changes occurring at the moment.
Friends have had family dynamics altered which have completely pulled the rug from under them...others have health issues that are making them adapt to their new limitations and restrictions...but there's also good changes that can occur. Some people hate change of any sort...and I must admit even though I've had many changes to deal with and coped, I do find it difficult initially to embrace them.
But I've been lucky that so far they always seem to work out for the good.
The important thing is how we cope with these changes.
Some changes might well feel horrendous and difficult to cope with at the time, but then who knows what lies ahead...the changes may actually be a blessing in disguise...I truly hope so.

I'll get back to our New Zealand posts soon and I've also been to a French Cooking and Language course which I want to tell you about.
Catch you again soon I the meantime have a great week...
I'm off to make the most of my last few months here...whoohoo!

Keep smiling and pass it on...someone may need it today