I've scored a hat trick...whoohoo...

I've always thought that I'm quite lucky...but today it has been confirmed!
Nope, still no lotto win...(well I can't expect to win really can I, especially if I don't buy a ticket!)

Why am I grinning like a Cheshire cat? 
Well, I have received three separate gifts from friends...how special is that?  
And it isn't even my birthday!
Two actually winged their way into my post box today. 
So of course I had to maximize the pleasure...I sat armed with a cuppa and a large white chocolate freckle that I bought at a Chocolatiere over the weekend. 
(More about that on my next post...once I get the photos to co-operate and transfer over...it's a work in progress and it's protesting at the moment...maybe I need to eat more chocolate instead of looking at it?
I'm not going to show you the pressies because some things I like to keep to myself...they are special and personal to me. 
Oh okay...you've twisted my arm...
I'll show you just one...
How fantastic are these babies?!?!

 I'm thrilled and excited but terrified all at the same time because I'm now going to have to use them...eek!
I don't want to rush it, so I'll wait until I get back from our next trip.
Oh yes our trips...
Last weekend, we went to the Yarra Valley for wine tasting and the weather was just perfect. 
Quite fantastic for autumn...beautiful warm sunny days and crisp nights.
The wine was incredible and we had a brilliant weekend staying right in the middle of a vineyard. 
I'll share a little of the trip with you soon.
In the meantime, I've got to repack only this time for chilly climes because we're off again tomorrow.
I know...there's no stopping us...and it's a wonder I find my way home. 

I can't believe that even though I've been busy and I missed the APR entry time... I did manage and enjoyed a little doodle in my journal. I don't normally like to show unfinished work but I thought today I'd be brave.

 I couldn't decide if I should zentangle him or not...and then I thought I'd like to try and add those fantastic peacock plumage colours...because let's face it that is what peacocks are renowned for. 
What do you think?
I took a whoosie approach and thought I'd photograph him at this stage, just in case he doesn't make the grade on the next stage...or it all goes pear shaped!
I'm going to add colour because I feel that a peacock's main feature are those amazing colours...plus I love them. I'm just hoping I can reproduce them. Wish me luck!
Why a peacock? Well...peacocks were the topic for last week's APR challenge...so if you'd like to see some more artists work then click here to visit Jenn's Artist Playroom.
I hope to visit the gang myself soon although times flying by and I actually fly out myself tomorrow! 

I hope you have a lucky day too...with lots of surprises....
keep smiling or better still pass it on Emoji