Happy 21st Birthday Son

As I'm typing this post...I'm completely amazed that I'm actually writing about my son's 21st Birthday! 
I mean how can that possibly be? 
I'M ONLY 19 YEARS OLD MYSELF for goodness sake!
But I suppose the calendar never lies, so I'll have to bite the bullet and accept it. 
It shouldn't be hard really because he's now over 6 feet tall!

At the risk of upsetting or embarrassing him (HA! isn't that what we're supposed to do?)
I just wanted to mark his special day here on my blog.
We had a great night and I think the birthday celebrations will be ongoing throughout this week and into the weekend at least.

I've had a mind to create a little special line drawing for him for some time now and this was the perfect occasion. I decided to draw a Liver bird which is the symbol of the football team Liverpool. 

I know that anything to do with football whether its AFL or the UK Premier League...can cause quite a lot of controversy, but the fact is Liverpool is my son's team (and also my hubby's too for that matter) so that's it FULL STOP!
Both my boys wake at silly-o-clock to watch all of their games...crazy I know but you try telling them that!
So here's my design which was very well received....
I cropped the photo so that you might see it better. 
It's not the best light for a photo shoot today. 
The design is enclosed in a black frame with a white mount.

I'm not sure if you'd be interested but if you are here's a clip from YouTube of  Steven Gerrard  (the Liverpool Captain) drawing the Liver bird on a 60 second challenge. I had such a giggle watching it.
I have to admit I didn't take 60 seconds to create mine.
Black heart (cards)Happy Birthday sonBlack heart (cards)

I also created a collage from some of the masses of his childhood photographs.
We now realise how much my son liked to dress up...not in a cross gender type of way, but just generally. Phewph...better make that clear!!!
I couldn't possibly post a photo of the collage because basically I'm going to keep the threat of doing that for as long as I can...it will keep me way ahead in the game of the blackmail stakes...MMMWWWWAAAhhhhhhaaaaa

Thanks for stopping by everyone...I hope you are having a great day.
Remember to make the most of it...it's a gift!
See you again soon I hopehttps://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif