Lots going on...Valentine's, Disappearing Trees and WOYWW

There's a huge amount of noise and activity radiating from our place this morning...
We live in a quiet suburb normally, but not so today!
All because a healthy tree has become a problem...it's outgrown its space and therefore isn't welcome anymore.
Not by me you understand...I hate to see a tree even pruned, never mind uprooted and murdered, but I know this has to be done. The Ficus Elastica is going to cause problems soon with its root system spreading at an unbelievable rate....across to the neighbour apparently and so she must go.

I'm hoping that something else will be put in its place but I'm not holding my breath...

 It's a beautiful tree and I do feel rather sad that it's got to go just because it doesn't fit in!
I'm just hoping now that there's such a gap where it used to be....that my neighbours aren't the sticky beak type...there are no net curtains on that side of their house, so maybe we'll be okay?!?!

There was also another tree that needed attention today due to one of its high branches snapping and only just hanging on. I'm not sure when or for how long it's been like that...so we've been living with the danger and not even knowing that a huge branch could have fallen on any one of us who just might have been unfortunate enough to be standing underneath. But thankfully it didn't fall and so has been carefully removed.
 Gulp....note chainsaw strapped to his waist?
My hubby would be very pleased to see all the PPE though.
(That stands for Personal Pretection Equipment just in case you haven't got someone telling you all about this sort of stuff...even when you're only using a whisk in the kitchen!!!!)

 And to show just how high this guy is...

Oops I should have said initially that if you're here for WOYWW then please scroll down (and anyone who hasn't visited before or knows what that term means...it stands for 'What's On Your Work desk'. As the title suggests each Wednesday we show and tell what's on or happening on our desk. 
(It sounds like I'm spouting from the fountain of knowledge today lol

Julia over at Stamping ground hosts a plethora of creativity each week for you to enjoy...so why not nip over there and take a peek at everyone's desk? It's allowed...they're a friendly bunch!

So here is my desk....

There's more space than work to display this week but I have had a little doodle! 
I'm a little later taking this photo because as stated above, there's a lot happening here today.
Unfortunately the sun has left this side of the house at this time of day, but it is beating down on the other side...you can just see outside where the wisteria hangs just how bright it is. 
Put your sunnies on if you want to look!
We still haven't seen any rain here and finally there's that photo I wanted to post last week which highlights just what happens when the rain decides to take a holiday!
This isn't my garden by the way...it's a riverbank a little further out of town.
I feel decidedly thirsty when I look at this don't you?

I'm not pleased with the production of this photo (taken on my phone which is usually okay) and will be retweeking it...it's caused me nothing but bother since I first took it...but you get the idea....its dry!

And so what have I been doodling I hear you ask? Well I can pretend can't I? I'm harmless enough ;D

I'm aware that it's Valentine's Day on Thursday and although it's never a biggy in our house, I thought I'd enter into Jenn's Valentine challenge this week over at Just add water silly  Jenn is always encouraging everyone to think outside of the box and I'm sure she'd be kind and generous no matter what we entered into the Artist Play Room...she's just like that, but I thought I'd keep in with the theme...well loosely!
So here he is....my LURVE BUG!

 I love ladybirds (as I've always called them) so I liked the idea of this chaps shell being a heart shape...and then I just got carried away with my usual quirkiness and this was the result! 

I hope you get bitten by the LURVE bug this week, but if you don't then don't disappear...I think it's so much better to have a spontaneous day to show how you feel about someone whenever the mood takes you...not to be told what to do on what day!
I'm sending all my followers/readers and visitors a little lurve bug here to say thanks for stopping by.....I always love to see and hear from you all.  
But I think there may well be some pink heart shaped crepes appearing for breakfast around the 14th...well I have the mixture already so it would be a shame to waste it! 
I'm not going soft ~ honest!

And lastly peeps, I've got to give a shout out for the lovely Cynthia over at Cottage Remnant
She noticed that I didn't have a badge for my blog as many people have, so she very kindly helped create one for me ....did you notice it on the way in, at the top right hand side? 
I've been going to try design one of these for quite some time but never got around to it. Truth be told I'm not even sure I'd have a clue where to begin or be successful...but I was going to give it a go anyway...that's what blogging has taught me if nothing else.
But now thanks to Cynthia I've got my own...yay.....(grinning like a Cheshire cat here :D)
So make my day as the header says...I'd be thrilled if you took it and attached it at your place. 

Phewph...well I think that's enough for today peeps...you're cuppa or tea-break must be over by now. 
So have a wonderful Wednesday whatever you have planned...enjoy, have fun and most importantly keep smiling or better still laugh! 
Catch you later....