Blorange...Blue and Orange blended!

If anyone was to ask me what my favourite colour was, I'd instantly say 'cobalt blue'...but that's not strictly true because if I think about it a little more, I realise I like a wide range of blues such as aqua, turquoise, robin egg, sky, royal blue, sapphire, indigo, teal, baby blue, Persian blue, navy, peacock, electric blue...hmm the list grows the more I think about it. So maybe I should answer the question by just saying my favourite colour is 'blue'! 
On the other hand one of my least favourite colours happens to be orange. Now I really feel for orange because it's never done anything wrong or ever offended's just we don't have that same connection that I have with blue. 
I'm afraid it's not only the colour...I don't like to eat oranges or drink orange juice!
Why? I cannot say...I just don't! Never have....
So when Jenn over at Just Add Water Silly chose 'BLORANGE' for this week's Artist Play Room  
I had mixed feeling. I mean my favourite colour mixed with my least?!?! 
How was this going to work?  
It's like asking my son to become friends with the hoover (vacuum)! It's a tough ask!
But who's going to refuse Jenn? Certainly not me...
So after a little procrastinating (I'm a natural) I dived right in to see where it would lead....

I'm aware I'm probably playing with your mind here (Mmmmwwwaaaahhhhhhaaaa) but I have to admit it it was rather fun. I thought I'd make the orange blue perhaps just a twist on the 'blood oranges' (with their red flesh) which by the way just happen to be my hubby's favourite.
I also took it one step further by mixing the blue actually with orange, for the leaves and the shadow. 
I'm not sure why but this photo is nothing like the original. 
The original has such an intensity that I prefer, but the above looks rather anaemic. :-( 
Maybe it's orange getting its own back on me for being so unkind.

I thought I might feel differently if an orange happened to be a blue colour, but I'm afraid I still don't like oranges no matter what colour they are....oh now I feel I've got a personal vendetta against the poor defenceless fruit. Shame on me!
Have a great day everyone and I hope to see you again soon...I'd miss you if you didn't pop by

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