There's a Moose Loose....

Okay so here's where I come clean and confess....the snow kitten (Darnell's name for me...not mine) took a wee tumble on the slopes, so I'm resting up this afternoon whilst everyone else continues to throw themselves down the mountain!
I have to also say I've embraced the idea of a rocking chair far more than I ever thought possible....I'm trying to work out how I could take this one home with me, as I sit swinging back and forth with such velocity I'm in danger of a whiplash injury to accompany my dodgy knee! 

I thought an early session in the hot tub this morning might be perfect to aid my recovery. 
I have to say it's very bizarre being outside in a bathtub essentially, in freezing temperatures (although today was a tropical -10) feeling the sun on your face whilst enjoying watching and listening to the birds! 
You just have to be careful to keep all your bits under the water level...other than your face obviously because if you don't you soon realise that's something amiss...BRR....!
Another little revelation that I've become aware of is the fact that I don't feel the need for any lip plumping surgery (not that I've ever considered this you understand) because my lips seem to have grown since being here. I know I expected it of my waistline because as you know you definitely have to pack in the calories when you're on an expedition like this....copious amounts of chocolate are a must! 
Even in the liquid form with a little wee nip of something to keep out the cold plus a dollop of whipped cream and marshmellows balanced on top! 
But no it's my lips that seem to have expanded! 
So I have saved a fortune on lip enhancement surgery and certainly don't need any painful injections...
....all you need to do is plummet into sub zero temperatures and 'Bob's Your Uncle' 
(sorry that's an old family saying) 
oh.... maybe I should have kept that secret to myself until I patented the idea! Humm....

I need to explain by the way that those bubbles in the photo below are from thewater inlet and nothing else ~ RIGHT!  

 Whilst shrivelling (but at least I can blame the hot tub for all my wrinkles now) I took in all the sights around...listening to the birds in their highly excitable frenzy that I'd put even more food out for them. Chickadees, tree-creepers and woodpeckers came to see the strange sight before them...these humans have a lots to answer for!
Here's the view of the house from the hot tub...all warm and toasty with the chimney's such a reasuring sight when you know you've got to make a dash and negotiate those slippery steps, with water freezing on your body by the second, plus a dodgy knee that threatens to give way at any moment.

Looking the other way from my semi-submersible is the sauna and I noted that I think we've had someone participating other than me...see the little critters tracks...I need Laurie to let me know who it was...taking liberties?!?!?

 I have a good idea but I know it couldn't be a moose because they are big beasties....
I didn't think I'd see one whilst here but we've been lucky...very lucky! LOL

See isn't he gorgeous...I adore these wooden sculptures. They are so cleverly carved and cute to boot!
I bought this magnificent guy on my last visit. If you want to see more of Yome Lebel amazing work then click on his name. I soooooo want a bear and the beaver of course...
...oh and how could I resist the Canadian goose or the cat? 
I feel major purchases coming on... :D

Well the fire needs stoking, coffees brewing, kettles only seconds away from the boil and dinner is waiting for the 'adventurers' return...meanwhile I'll carry on with the music blasting out across the lake...and enjoy the sun dipping down through the trees.
I hope you've had a great day and remember it's a gift so use it well
~ ♥ ~