Canadian crispness...It's Oh Sooooo Cold!

Party smile HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL... Party smile

I've been contemplating what my first post of 2013 should be and I've noted that quite a few bloggers have posted a review covering their past year. I've actually decided not to do this, basically because for most of last year I was constantly trying to catch my this year I want to keep ahead of things or at least to try!

If I started to write and collate my favourite posts, photographs and tales covered during 2012, I'd be here until March at least, deciding which to include and constantly editing. So with this in mind, I'm just carrying on full steam ahead in the hope that I'll make deadlines, timescales and generally be on top of things. 
Well that's the plan on day 2 of the New Year...wish me luck!

When the day dawns looking like this, then you know it's going to be special.
All the trees were wearing their Sunday best. I actually took this photo on Sunday.
This special tree below is the oldest Crow Pine Tree in the area.
I feel very priviledged to have him as my neighbour.
He stands much taller than anything else in the area.

There’s a special presence about our crow pine tree.
He stands out in a special way.  There’s its quality as an evergreen, that wonderful scent and the strong essence of strength that permeates the area that it occupies.
We were told that this mighty specimen was possibly over 150 years old when we bought the plot. 
I hope he doesn't mind us nestling under his impressive branches.
Did you know that the pine is generally noted as an antibacterial, antioxidant, antiseptic, expectorant, demulcent and diuretic and is generally considered a warming agent.  The needles and bark have special affinities for the respiratory system making for its frequent use for congestion, coughs, lung infections where it helps to clear mucus and fight infections – it pairs wonderfully with Eucalyptus for all of that.  They have been used to ease tonsillitis and laryngitis.  And they also work well helping to flush the bladder and kidneys.
Also for skin related properties. The resin is the sap that seeps from wounds in the tree and is part of the tree’s defence against infections and is very antimicrobial and a strong disinfectant because of it. You can use it on skin wounds (chew it for gum disorders and tooth problems!) and its natural drawing action helps with cuts, splinters, boils, abscesses and insect bites. While the needles and bark can be used to make infused oil which is great for the skin – soothing, healing and greatly calming energetically.  
Nothing short of amazing!

 Let's hope our tree stands majestically for another 150 least.

Now I would like to show you some photos of myself on the slopes participating in back flips, jumps and the slalom at neck breaking speeds but I've learnt an important lesson...
A very important lesson in fact.....never...I repeat...NEVER...apply mascara before you go skiing. 
Panda eyes fact so bad that the mascara came down my face to meet my lippy!
Here's a photo taken from a distance. I must explain that it was night-time skiing and the temperature happened to be -19...oh yes and my hubby took the photo...(in a whispered voice...hence the chopping off of my feet)

But in fairness it was his first time taking a photo using my phone.

I'm happy to report that we are still having daily visits from 'Nutkin' and if I'm not early enough getting his goodies out there for him, then he comes to peer in through the French doors.
Cheeky I know, but when you look like this you can get away with anything in my book!

I can't tell you how many photos I have taken of him, but this one I think takes the biscuit or should that be the peanut!
 And finally after....umm...let me count....1, 2, 3...10...15...18 days I got to see a chickadee
Well a few chickadees actually.
If you would like to hear their song/call or see a video clip then click here

Scientific name: Poecile atricapillus
 I was so pleased to be able to capture these birds today, but they certainly can be challenging...
they are just so flighty! 
The last photo (bottom right) was outside the patio doors...actually encroaching on 'Nutkins' area. 
If you are wondering let me tell you...its official chickadees love sticky toffee pudding!
But then so does my hubby and he wasn't too happy when he realised that I'd thrown out a few...but it was all in a good cause.

I can't help thinking how on earth do these little birds survive...I mean have you seen how tiny and thin their little legs are? I think they should at least have some wee sockettes to keep them cosy?
Current temperature -19 which is due to drop to -24 tonight! Brrrr.....

By the way I had to rustle up a new batch of puds just to keep the peace. 

But then something else that tested us last night was that although we haven't lost the power since that traumatic time last week (when we lost it for 36 hours) we did lose the internet due to the plummeting temperatures.

It's amazing just how creative and inventive people can be when they are left to their own devices...oh and a bottle of red helps of course!

 This photo was taken when the New Year's Eve party went up a gear!

I see that Melbourne has warmed up a little, whilst we've been away. 
Can anyone make any helpful suggestions as to how I'll go from - 24 (tonight's temperature here) to a +40 when we return!??!? Without bursting that is!

I'm just off to another little soirée ~ cheers everyone.
See you later...