Artist Play Room ~ Celebrate!

I'm trying very hard to stay positive as I write today's post...but it's proving a little difficult because our fantastic holiday is coming to an end soon. 
We've had such a wonderful time as I think my Canadian posts may have shown. Even the 36 hours without power has become an amusing story to revisit, just so long as we're are cosy, freshly showered and have all the lights on! 
Even the 28 hour long haul flight was totally worth the journey. It has enabled me to connect with my family spending quality time with them, plus throw myself down mountains, trying to walk thigh deep in crisp virgin snow, hot tub bathing whilst sipping champers, meeting staff and management who look after this amazing special place, the trials of walking in snow shoes, dashing in and out of the sauna before my bits fell off! Managing in incredible temperatures of -25 degrees that I never would have imagined I'd be able to function outside of my duvet. 
It's been like living in my own Christmas card setting or on the set of Wham's 'Last Christmas' video (wow what am I thinking....enough!) 
So when I'm back in the sweltering heat of the Australian summer (which apparently has arrived with avengance with temperatures of +40 I'll look back over my photos of which there are hundreds and chill. 

I even managed to spend some time with my journal this morning which is something I plan to do frequently over this next year. I'm hoping we become best friends. ;D

After feeding the chickadees this morning (who were very grateful it has to be said) I smiled to myself because I've always called my children 'my chickadees' ever since we first visited Canada a few years back.
Whenever my kids are in the one location then I'm happy. It's not easy having one flown the nest but thankfully she returns frequently and so with this in mind, I thought I'd 'CELEBRATE' this fact by entering into the Artists Play Room with my sketch.

I really didn't give myself as much time as I'd like...and I know that sounds soooooo 2012 but it's difficult when you're on holiday and people expect you to 'stay in the room'. But I had fun which I suppose is the most important thing.

So that's it....I've kicked off the year with my first entry and it feels good. 
Thanks Jenn for keeping me focused and continuing to host the Artist's Play Room.
If you'd like to see some talented artists work, then click here
Or maybe you could enter yourself? 
Everyone is so supportive and a they're a great group of like minded go on...
...take a line for a walk!
Jenn our host is so helpful, inspiring, kind, encouraging, totally committed to helping everyone have fun and keeping our creativity flowing.