What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday...WOYWW #185

I can't believe that I've finally managed to check in with Julia's WOYWW gang. 
Well it is Wednesday after all...or is it? 
I'm a little confused with crossing the over the date line for the first time. 
Trying to remember the different time zones with having friends in Australia, and family and friends in the UK  is a little challenging to say the least!!!
Throw in a little jet lag and I'm beginning to think I can relate to how Santa might feel on Boxing Day. 
I mean the last journey took 28 hours none stop from an Aussie summer day (30C) to a crisp white winter wonderland with pristine snow in Canada (-7C). 
I don't think we could get any different comparison...all within 24 hours even if you tried.
It's a little surreal.

So here I am in our Christmas home ready to enjoy the holiday. 
This is the driveway...yep it's a steep slope. Thankfully we have a four wheel vehicle to tackle it!
Can you see on the left hand side of the drive the depth of the snow and that's only after two days! 
I haven't set up a work desk here obviously because I think it's time to relax and have a special time with the family creating treasured memories...but I do plan to do a few sketches or pen and ink drawings. 
My daughter is due to arrive at the weekend and she is bringing a few of her art supplies with her 
(unfortunately I couldn't manage to bring any due to my flight weight restrictions)
So here's a photo of me having a cuppa...taking in the view.....

 (I did have a play with my photos adding the frames etc so I suppose that's a crafty activity)

We are supposed to keep the WOYWW posts brief in order for everyone to be able to visit lots of like minded creative people, so with that in mind I'd just like to end this post today with my sincere warmest wishes for a wonderful, happy, peaceful holiday for all the WOYWW gang, not forgetting Jenn's APR group and all my followers and visitors to my blog. I have enjoyed blogging so much throughout this last year, receiving amazing inspiration and encouragement plus making some great new friends. 
I look forward to next year because I know it's going to be so exciting. 
As a thank you I'm going to have a 'GIVE-AWAY' early into the new year so watch this space. 

Meanwhile...the slopes are calling so I'll catch up with you later ~ I'll be back with lots more photos, elf antics and generally anything that captures my interest...so have fun everyone!
https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1503768.gifHo Ho Ho.....