Une journée de ski froid au Québec...(A chilly day skiing in Québec)

Did you see the full moon last night? 
It was magnificent, lighting all around with its magical band of silver light making everything twinkle. 
I wanted to go outside to capture the image properly, but thought better of it. 
I knew that if I did I'd become waist deep in snow with my first footfall. 
At 2.30am I didn't think that this would be a good idea...not without a life line attached to my body anyway!

So apologies for the grainy photo but it was just to give you the idea.
Besides there could be wolves in them there woods and my jacket is RED!!!

When a new day dawns there's new challenges...
Hot tub
Still to do I'm afraid, but I'll get there.
I just need to find some time from somewhere!
Besides the guys keep coming to clear the path so I think it's expected!

Today was rather chilly on the slopes. 
-14 degrees with a touch of fog.
Not for the faint hearted that's for sure. 
All this winter activity is serious stuff and needs proper care and attention in the thermal department. 
I now say forget how they look...bring them on...the more the merrier ;D

With that kind of temperature it's not ideal conditions but for a few hours we ignored it.
Besides you can always nip into the bar to help thaw out in-between runs. 

I loved this wreath in keeping with the skiing theme.
It's quite large and hangs on the outside wall of the resort's restaurant.

Pick a pair any pair...and we're off.....
Oh by the way...if anyone has a tip for how to put on ski boots easily, then please let me know.
I'm very near done by the time I've got them on never mind flinging myself down the mountain!
Anyway...up, up and away....

But after a few runs it just became too cold.
It was serious because I lost the feeling in my face and could hardly talk!!! 
I KNOW ~ that serious! https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511767.gif

The three photographs below were taken on our homeward journey yesterday, hence no mistiness. 
Just beautiful sunlight signing off for the day.  

 The line of snow on the horizon that you see from my side window, looks like a wall all the way along the road. It's actually been produced by the snow plough. 
I have to say that the Canadian's certainly know a thing or two about snow clearance. 

 Before I head off to snoozeyland I must tell you about a strange square box that is sitting in the corner of the lounge here...someone said it was called a television or TV or something???!?!?
We haven't bothered to find out what it's for...I don't think we will either because we just haven't found the time. I don't think we need it, so it'll just gather dust for now :D

Catch you later peeps...the meantime have fun! Party smile