Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

After so many years of wishing for a white Christmas it looks like I may finally get my wish this year.
I've tried the Aussie way celebrating on the beach with burgers and snags on the barbie during the heat of summer. I've also roasted the turkey during 40 degree temperatures looking like a roasted bird myself, but determined to have a traditional meal no matter what! 
But it's just not in my gene's...In my book Christmas has to come during winter with all the trimmings! 
If it can be accompanied by snow then that's all the more perfect.
It's all about having short days with limited daylight hence having to decorate the house with fairy lights, taking time to prepare for all the celebrations ahead. Cooking and baking up a storm to keep cosy and warm because everyone know you need to take in more calories in order to keep warm. ;D
And guess who arrived yesterday? Our Christmas Elf suddenly appeared!!! 
I hope he's not suffering too badly with jet lag...but he seems to be fine so far. 

At the moment he's sitting on the mantle but we have ambient lighting so it would be useless to try to take a photo at the moment...but I'll be sure to keep you posted on his antics.

The photo below was taken yesterday and we suddenly had the thought that maybe we should perhaps stock up on previsions in case the forecast of a good snowfall comes true.
By the way the barrel on the left of the photo isn't a LARGE keg of beer or heaven forbid whiskey. 
It is in fact the sauna. I can't see myself using it on this trip because basically I'm a wuss. 
I've never been brave enough to do that thing of heating my body to near melting point only to then run out into the snow and freeze my bahookey off! 
There's also a hot tub just out of the photo which unlike the sauna I haven't fully ruled out so far. 
This photo was taken this morning...yep more snow fell and I have to say I've never seen such beautiful snow. It is so dry, white and perfect. I didn't realise it could be like this. 
I remember during my childhood in the UK being so excited by a few little flurries but this is SNOW!
In one afternoon we have had about 15cm!
This shows our driveway and thankfully the cavalry arrive at various times of the day to ensure you are able to drive in and out. How thoughtful is that? :D

It's great to have good neighbours who can bring in the big guns when needed.

I'm aware that to feed the wildlife isn't really recommended here due to raccoons, little meeces and critters taking advantage of the situation. I remember last time we were here I bought a bird feeder and filled it with seed, placing it in full view of the lounge window. During the evening we became aware of a movement outside of the window...once we dismissed the thought of The Yeti or Abominable Snowman we were privy to a fantastic show of determination, aerobics and ingenuity as a raccoon worked out a plan to take the seed.
The next night he appeared again but this time he brought his date...out to impress her, he shimmied along the branch but alas the night before he'd obviously overindulged and 'CREAK'...timber! The branch broke and he landed on the ground bruising his dignity. 
Meanwhile she just headed into the broken feeder and chomped away.
But I just can't resist...I just wonder how anything can live out there and they need my help! 
I haven't seen a bird yet so my feeder might be lonely but my son said he saw an eagle flying over the frozen lake this morning. I know the humming birds won't visit for many months yet but I would like to see a cardinal in real life...so I'm crossing my fingers. 

Mmm....smell that? Dinner is nearly done so I'd better get busy.
I hope you are having a great day whatever you are up to. 
Remember today is a gift...what are you going to do with it? :D
Catch you later......