Edinburgh skyline at Sunset....

I never imagined for a minute that I'd pick up a paint brush during this last week, never mind actually begin to paint...especially after only just settling back home after our holiday!
But when I saw this photograph that my daughter took using her phone through the office window of the Edinburgh skyline, I thought it would be great to reacquaint myself with my silk paints. 
Well the ironing mountain had reduced (slightly) and the cases have all been unpacked and put away... 
So why not paint?

Fantastic isn't it?
(Don't forget it's through glass and on her phone ~ she wanted me to mention that....)
I had thought to include it in Jenn's Artist Play Room  with this week's theme being sunsets...
but one...I was too late (what's new?) and two...it is only a work in progress!  
(Pop over using the link above if you want to see some great artists work)

Let me tell you I feel very vunerable at this stage of the post because I hate to show unfinished work...
It's a little like showing someone your 'intimates' (underwear) drawer'!
But here goes....
It was very strange opening the box containing the paint pots because some of them haven't seen the light of day for about 12/13 years! 
They all looked so used and loved and I remember we had such great times together. 
It was like meeting really old friends that you haven't been in contact with for years and firstly feeling rather awkward. 
As I picked up the crinkled tubes they fitted in my hand but felt strange. I knew they'd moulded to my grip in the past and we'd had many hours of sheer bliss together, where everything else had been forgotten for a while....but they didn't feel comfortable anymore. I suppose it will take time to re-establish a rapport.
It was like shaking someone's hand for the first time...you never know how it's going to be...whether a strong grip with a definite shake or a limp, whoosy, shy touch or a gentle squeeze. 
I know we need to spend some quality time together and hopefully that will happen...then hopefully we may return to our special relationship. 
But there again maybe it's time to move on...it was good whilst it lasted but I should try a different media? 
Time will tell....

So here's what I did...please remember it's still unfinished and needs quite a lot more adding to it but at least it's a start!

The wispy lines in the bottom right hand corner and the window lights are actually gold, but it's difficult to see that from the photo. 
So there you are...I've even shown you my 'intimates'...can you believe it!??!?
I won't say now you show me yours for obvious reasons (https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511769.gif) LOL

That's it for today peeps...the sun's shining and it looks glorious outside, so I'm away to appreciate the day.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend too. 
Have fun until we meet again...https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508618.gif