Eden Park Bed and Breakfast...Auckland, New Zealand

If you mention Eden Park in Auckland the natural assumption might be that you're talking about the Eden Park Stadium, New Zealand's largest stadium...the home of Auckland Cricket and Rugby.
The stadium that hosted the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
But not in my case...Eden Park to me means luxury bed and breakfast accommodation in an historic Edwardian villa.  
We've stayed in hotels of various ratings throughout the world, but for this trip we wanted a more personalised touch, so we decided to try boutique Bed and Breakfast Hotels. 
My initial thoughts of B&B brought back childhood memories...not always good ones but let me tell you B&B accommodation has certainly moved on since then. 

Eden Park Bed and Breakfast is located in Mt Eden, in central Auckland. 
Built in 1905 by a wealthy banker, the house has been immaculately restored to it's former elegance, yet sympathetically combined with modern comfort.

  Our room (featured in below photograph) was the premiere queen size room with fireplace and luxurious en-suite bathroom. All the beautiful linen and towels plus the cosy soft robe made it so easy to relax and unwind.
   The decor, ambience, personalized service and mind-set of both Marlene and Anthony McAnulty make your stay a memorable one. They are the perfect hosts.
Marlene is also an incredible cook and the gourmet breakfasts we sampled were exquisite. 
Her scambled eggs are sublime and I don't even like eggs!

The perfect spot to sit for a while...

Oh and did I mention Mr Darcy lives there...?
Mr Darcy has his own apartment and won't bother you...
oh boy could he teach Muffy a thing or two.

(in his younger days...courtesy of  Marlene and Anthony's Website)

(Photograph courtesy of Marlene and Anthony's Website)

I should state here and now that I'm not receiving any remuneration/rewards for posting this information...
I just think when people go to great lengths to ensure such a great service
 then they deserve credit.
If you don't believe me then just read the 250 trip advisor reviews!

Much as we enjoyed our stay there it's time to move on...
Off once more on the road to our next destination...
But taking in all the spectacular scenery and views can build up an appetite...
So coming across a sign for fresh oysters meant there was nothing for it but to take a quick pit stop.

The shop is located on Clevedon-Kawakawa Bay Road 9 km from Clevedon.
It was great to read their information board inside that had photographs and details about the oyster farm.
I really have only recently become a fan and certainly didn't know how they were farmed. 

The oysters have been grown in the clean, clear waters of the Hauraki Gulf for over 21 years. 
They cultivate, harvest and process only the juiciest, ripest oysters from their two farming areas on the Clevedon Coast and Waiheke island.
 They take great pride in being recognized as an international leader in the production of natural oysters and I have to tell you these were the most delicious freshest oysters I've tasted. 
A nice chilled bottle of wine would have gone down very well but with travelling on these roads that's not recommended...(well drinking and driving anywhere for that matter is not recommended)

  So enjoy the ride and hopefully we'll meet again soon..... ;D