What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW #170

It's WOYWW time again..can you believe it? https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511766.gif 
I've got to start with an apology today because last week was a total disaster. I tried to navigate through it as best as I could, but really I was like a dog running on lino!
I think hope that I managed to at least reply to everyone that visited my desk, but I didn't get to many of your desks. Each day I thought I'd manage some visits at least, but whoosh....the day (and evening) vanished. I also had the most embarrassing explosion of my right eye. 
It's still a beautiful deep red now where the white should be! 
I've even started to account for its bright shade in my dress code...I kid you not!
This is the fourth day now and I'm feeling people must think I'm a celeb or a diva at least...wandering round in shades (sunnies/sunglasses) whether or not its even light...never mind if the sun's out!
So I'm hoping I've now got your sympathy vote at least and you'll forgive me? 
The coming week will definitely hopefully be better. 
I'll promise try to visit everyone's desk from this last week as well as this week plus many more.....
If you're a new visitors or anyone that hasn't heard of WOYWW (What's on your Workdesk Wednesday) then you'll wonder what on earth I'm on about....basically it's the day to open your door and let everyone in to see what you're up to...well on your workdesk that is! 
It's the brainchild of Julia's blog at Stamping Ground 
Visitors can come from all over the world....so be prepared....and get that kettle on!
 So what's on my desk this week....
How about this...?

As so many WOYWW will know it's a craft fair goodie bag...something that gets many hearts racing....
This craft fair was held here in Melbourne and I have to confess I was a craft fair virgin. :-?

Well I know this isn't technically what's on my desk...but I could have purchased it all....thankfully I didn't overwise I'd be wandering the streets homeless by now!
I did buy a huge few things but only blank cards, envelopes, sticking tape, glue pens etc so that's not going to excite or inspire you nor make interesting photos ~ so hopefully the buzz of the crowd below might?
(this was early in the day so I took the opportunity of snapping away before the masses arrived!)

 There was one thing that became apparent whilst I was wandering...I now realise that in fact I'm not a crafter...which is something I didn't know before...
I now know I am an artist! 
And I don't say that lightly, but so many people at the fair told me so when they saw my work...plus it's been said before many times...so from today I'm going to try and embrace that.
(ohhh...that makes my tummy flip)
I used the fair as a learning tool...I visited every stall (numerous times) and watched demonstrations, workshops and generally getting familiar with all the products, names and equipment that so many of the WOYWW gang use. 
For instance I know so many of you love the Magnolia stamps...so this photo is for you! ;D
Look how many are available but then you probably already know that and have them stashed in your desks already! (it's okay I won't tell :?)

As many people enjoyed seeing a work in progress last week, I thought I'd let you have a little peek at my new design...it's only in my journal at the moment. 
See how I just slipped that in like a natural...'in my journal'...
now that statement only a few weeks ago would have been unthinkable...my I have grown ;D

I know its yet another bird but these things just come flying into my head....what can I do?
I think by the look of this little cutie there could well be trouble or twitterbations, I'm not sure which...
between 'Willy Wagtail' (from last week) and this little Fairy Wren (Malurus cyaneus).
Oh I did promise I'd show you "Willy Wagtail' he once he had feet....
well they're there but you just have to use you're imagination...

So that's it for this week...I've got to get my lippy on and get out there visiting! https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508619.gif
Maybe I'll meet up with you...I'll be the one in the dark glasses.....
Have a wonderful week with lots of creating ~ enjoy!