Hot off the Press...

Breaking news hot off the press....
My dear friend Jenn from Just add water silly is a contributing editor to a magazine and wants everyone to know that the 'FEATURING' magazine (Issue #2) is now available for pre-ordering 
(Issue 1 is still available). 
 And what's more there's a 'GIVEAWAY'  with this issue! 
Who doesn't like a giveaway? ;D
The magazine is giving away one of thirty inchies on the back of issue 3 and everyone who purchases a pre-order of 'FEATURING' magazine issue 2 before 21st September, gets entered into the draw to win a small piece of the winners' own artwork displayed on issue 3's back cover. 
Imagine having your own artwork on the back of a published International magazine!
How cool would that be?
You can even submit your artwork to the magazine....

So take a peek inside and give yourself a treat, inspiration, and the possibility of publishing your art!