Artists Play Room ~ Inspiration

This week's challenge set by the lovely hostess with the mostest Jenn at the Artist Play Room's is 'Inspiration'.
It seems to me that since I started blogging and creating art work again, that I see inspiration everywhere I look....
I'm being bombarded with ideas and feel that my head is about to burst if I don't get some of it out...unfortunately the battle is going on with so many other things too...
I've read so many incredible posts this week which expresses the theme brilliantly so why not take a visit to the Artist Play Room I'm sure you'll be inspired.
So 'ditto' the other artists wise words but I have to add two very important points of my own...firstly that I just can't express how thankful I am that my daughter encouraged me to start a blog. 
How ever did I manage before?
Everyday can be so 'inspiring' by what you see, read, who you meet and what knowledge, encouragement and friendship passes through the blogosphere. I think it's priceless!
But then not only did my daughter encourage me in this new steep learning curve she has always believed I should have kept drawing and creating all those years I just did mundane things.
Since she was a tiny tot with the colouring pencils we've shared this love of art.
We can talk about colours, subject matter, techniques, ideas, name it and we are on the same page. It's wonderful and I know the artists among you will relate to what I'm saying...that like minded people immediately 'get it' whatever your discussing. It's a fantastic feeling to have the same connection with creativity. 
So here's a painting and you'll see straight away that it's not my usual style....because that's just's not mine! (I didn't want to fess up but I know as a Mother I should...Grrr)
It's my daughter's! As soon as she sent it to me I knew I had to enter it into this week's APR because she IS my inspiration. I love everything about this painting...and look how loose it is! (turning a little green here).
I had difficulty with the format so had to copy it and then photograph it so I'm not really doing it justice. If I work out how to change the scanned pdf copy into a different format that blogspot will accept, then I'll repost it.

I know this will come as a huge surprise to her....but that's the lovely thing about never know what's coming next!
And on that note let me just tell you about one thing that happened during the last week....a cute little parcel arrived in the post. Now many will have heard me complain that I never get anything other than bills in the post but not any more because the cutest parcel arrived in my postbox. I carried it around for about an hour before making a cuppa and sitting comfortably ready to open it. (My son thought I was crackers but you have to savour these things)
What a wondeful surprise because the little package had travelled all the way from Canada!
Jenn had sent me a gorgeous chain pull, book mark and a beautiful letter. It was totally out of the blue and a wonderful surprise. The clasp is stirling silver and the embellishments a beautiful turquoise blue. (not surprising when its one of Jenn's favourite colours).
If you nip over to her blog at Just Add Water Silly she has an Etsy shop where you can see her fantastic crafts.

Apologies for rushing this post but I'm dashing off again this morning (when don't I dash?) but for a bumper boast of inspiration. I'm off to one of the biggest (and best so I hear) craft fairs in the whole of Victoria!
I'll let you know how I go and what happens but I may be gone some time

Have a wonderful weekend, have lots of fun and enjoy the Playroom. :D