Artist Play Room ~ Favourite Colour I am again...'Tail-End Charlie'...(apologies Jenn)
All my good intentions to be ahead of the game this week seemed to disappear around Tuesday! 
Hopefully Jenn at the Artist Play Room  will be her usual wonderful, lovely host and let me nip into the room to join in the fun....even at this late stage.
Jenn decided for this week's theme we were to create a piece of art that celebrates our very favourite colour. This you would think might be an easy challenge, but once you really have to knuckle down and chose one particular colour it becomes very I went with my initial first thought. 
The colour that I would usually chose would be 'blue'.....
but then which blue to choose? 
Oh my...but there are an infinite number of possible shades. Each shade of blue can be modified slightly by adding a new colour, the possibilities are endless. As far as we know, there are more than fifty thousand shades of blue. Air Force Blue, Celeste, Egyptian blue, Maya Blue, Royal Blue, and Ultramarine are a few.
So which to choose?...I did have a beautiful electric blue dress that was my absolute favourite years ago...I thought I looked the 'bees knees' in it (heaven knows where that statement comes from...'the bees knees'?) and was heartbroken when finally I couldn't wear it whilst walking last week I came across the tiny Australian Fairy Wren who obviously feels the same about his plumage and rightly so...he struts his stuff on tiny, tiny legs in his spectacular blue outfit and is so cute that I thought I'd chose him to celebrate my favourite colour.
It seems right that I not only use the colour but also a beautiful little delicate bird too. 
So here is my entry....I hope you like him....I also thought I'd add just a touch of a 'tangle in the tail ;D
I couldn't he's in my hey ticked a few boxes at once!

(apologies for the photograph...unfortunately I couldn't take the photo in good light) 

Then a friend (who knew that I was drawing the blue wren) brought me this photo from a magazine...
now let me tell you I haven't been able to snap a shot of this tiny wren myself because basically I'm camera just doesn't have a fast enough shutter speed...and this little chap doesn't sit still...ever!!!
But look at this shot!

I'd have been apoplectic if I'd managed to take this photo...I'd have been hyperventilating and shaking so much that it would have been a blur.
 I can imagine how the photographer Barb Leopald must have felt knowing she had that shot in the bag!

So that's it for this week folks...I hope you've enjoyed visiting me...I know I've loved having you pop into my place. So why not nip over to Jenn's place to see all the stunning colours and amazing art work.
I'm sure you'll be inspired by what you see...they're such a brilliantly talented lot!
That's where I'm off to now...see you there