Winter or decide?

WARNING..This post contains masses of photographs! So pop the kettle on and settle down for a wee whilie....;D
But before I leave you in peace...I'll have to set the scene...
 This umbrella has had quite a few outings lately on my morning has to be said we have had a fair amount of rain over this last month here in Melbourne!
But just the other day I was walking and suddenly whoosh...a huge gust of wind blew and literally stripped my brolly of its skin!
I just stood and gasped with my mouth wide open...I just couldn't believe it! I've had umbrella's turn inside out before but never stripped ~ completely despoked!

A very cosy comfy driver passing just laughed which I thought was a little unkind, but then I did see the 
funny side of it...and I too giggled.

Look here's what it looked like....sad isn't it?
But thankfully I did manage to put it back together again!
I love this umbrella because even on the greyest of days the pattern underneath is a tropical scene.

So yes we're still in the grip of winter, but then the sun will appear and the clouds fluff up against the beautiful blue sky and can be forgiven for thinking that spring is but a whisper away!

There's also the kaleidoscope of colours being displayed with masses of plants bursting into flower....oh and lots of twitterbaiting between the birds....
So here's just a brief peak at some of the plants that I've passed along the way. 
I couldn't attach them all because you'd be here till Christmas!
Enjoy...and any that are a little out of focus etc are probably taken with my son's camera that I'm still trying to get to grips with!

Sorry this one above really shouldn't be's out of focus but I couldn't resist showing the colour....I'll try and replace it with another shot when I next see the plant...

Now you tell me which season we're in....because I'm confused! :D
Enjoy your weekend everyone!