What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW #169

It's WOYWW time again..can you believe it? https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511766.gif 
For new visitors or anyone that hasn't heard of WOYWW (What's on your Workdesk Wednesday) basically it's the day to open your door and let everyone in to see what you're up to...
well on your workdesk that is! It's the brainchild of Julia's blog at Stamping Ground 
Visitors can come from all over the world....so be prepared....and get that kettle on!

In previous weeks I've been showing my work from the dining room table, but because I've actually been using my dining table this week as a place to eat...yeah I know fancy that...and I'm not quite back into the studio yet (even though Saturday is officially the start of Spring) I thought I'd do something different this week.
I thought because everyone seems to be amazed at how time fly's...
...I'd stop the clock and take my visitors back in time...back to the '90's!

I've mentioned to a few people during this past week about my time as a silk painting instructor and this photo shows two friends in our workshop. I'm hoping they don't mind me posting this photo of them because I had such fond memories of many hours being creative, inspiring and being inspired in lovely friendly company.
It was a very special time...
I decided to attend the classes initially to learn something new...it was a great way to spend one afternoon a week totally absorbed in doing something just for me! 

The silk painting classes were the first workshop I'd ever attended.
As with most expat communities the workshop was run voluntary and was part of the local social club.
I attended the classes for over a two years learning the new techniques and had such a wonderful time...even receiving commissions and the ultimate goal of sharing an exhibition with five other artists!
We even appeared in the local newspaper! LOL
See you didn't know I was a celeb did you?

After two years of learning the techniques the instructor was due to leave (as often happens in an expat community) and I was asked would I like to take over the classes. I had received so much from attending the workshops...how could I refuse...I needed to give back a little but the fact remains I still gained so much.

I couldn't let you go without showing you what I'm working on at the moment.
It's 'Willy Wagtail' (Rhipidura leucophrys) The name wagtail stems from the constant sideways wagging of the tail...which I've tried to capture in my drawing.
I know it's a little scary at the moment due to him not having any feet, but hopefully I'll get to that later today!
I'll come back and post another picture if I do finish him before WOYWW is over.

 Remember he's an unfinished piece of work please...
which I don't normally like to show but...hey...I know you now so I reckon it's okay!
His friends the Magpie, Kangaroo and Frog are all in my Etsy shop now...so take a peek if you want to see them up close and personal...just click on the (more) icon...
If you want to see some more artists/crafters desks to check out what everyone's up to...just pop over to Julia's  There's always something to capture your interest or inspire you. I'm sure you'll have a good time and they're a really friendly bunch...
I'd also just like to thank all my new followers and everyone who popped by my place last week and left such lovely comments. I really appreciate you taking the time, but if I didn't make it to your desk I apologise...if only I didn't have to sleep...sigh!

I'll try again ~ promise :D
Have fun and be creative everyone! https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif