What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 165 (WOYWW)

Can you see me??? Can you see me now????
We have fog here this morning, so you might have difficulty seeing my workdesk!
There's not a lot happening so maybe that's a good thing that you can't see?
But then we are supposed to show our workspace warts and all....so here you are....

(Apologies for the poor quality photos today, but as I mentioned the light wasn't very good first thing this morning...but I'm happy to report the sun has broken through now)

I'm still working in the dining room, but I thought I'd show you what happens when you move out of a space for a while...other things take over!
The black bin bags are from my son's room...he's had a clear out of his clothes...there's going to be a lot of happy people at the charity shop with some of these designer clothes...that's the trouble when you grow tall suddenly everything no longer fits!
The towels hanging around are for the dogs...Muffy and Zac have to have a footbath (or should that be pawbath) everytime we return from our morning walk.  Thank goodness this studio has a sink and lots of unit space...perfect for a dog to shake off the excess water everywhere...oh joy ^..^
The lounger cushions have just landed after we had a good day and sat out with a pot bellied fire.
My walking boots are resting by the door after walking this morning...eagerly waiting for their next outing!
In the far left bottom corner you can just see something white ~ this is the basket full of ironing calling my name but I'm not listening.

On another table nearby we have these lemon lovelies....that I'd like to share with you....the freesia's are my favourite flowers :D
The small dish hold grapefruits that some kind neighbour had put in a box on her wall for anyone to take...how kind and neighbourly is that?

And lastly I'd like to tell you about last night.....

I was invited to the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society 2012 Art Exhibition Opening Night.
This is the third year that I've had the priviledge to attend. and yet again it was a fabulous night with some exquisite work on display. It is wonderful to mix with these amazingly talented artists and as you can imagine incredibly inspiring too. If you are interested or have time please take a look here.  
My favourite artists are Herman Pekel and Joseph Zubvic...who do you like?

Lastly, I thought I'd let you see the Kookaburra...he's coming along but slowly.
I hope to finish him later today. I know I've said that before but today I'm determined.
I'm going to do one copy just black and white and then I'd like to draw another with some blue feathers. I'm still contemplating what to do for the background...any ideas welcome.

If you're new to the term WOYWW or just here for the first time and wonder what on earth I'm talking about....then take a look at Julia's blog at Stamping Ground

I'd just like to thank everyone who visited my place during last week...I really love to chat with you even if it is just briefly, even better if you've decided to follow me. Just so that you know...I do a little dance here whenever I see a new follower...so thank you if you already follow me. :D
If I didn't visit your desk I apologise...it's not that I don't want to...it's just I need to sleep sometime, but I will try again this week :D
Have fun desk hopping everyone!