I Spy With My Little Eye...something beginning with P

I have no idea what my friend put in my cuppa this morning after our walk, but my...oh my...I've been like a dog running on lino ever since!
I've completed numerous tasks and chores that needed my attention and some that didn't...but I just went for it anyway!
It could be something to do with the fact that the sun has made an appearance today. The temperature is nearly up to my tolerance level...just skirting below at 15 degrees celsius. Tomorrow it's supposed to hit the button ~ 16...whoohoo....watch me go!

I've mentioned before when you're out walking how easy it is to miss things....you just don't see things unless you open your eyes...like the uneven pavement until you trip, or the puddle until you're knee deep in muddy water...and that's just what happened on our Sunday morning walk.
 I admired this beautiful huge tree as we walked past, but then my OH said...Psst....'look'!

Now it's your turn to play...can you see it?

Here's a clue....

Let's sneak in and take a closer look...

That is one cosy critter....

Here's a picture so that you know what the other end looks like?
Yep it's a possum!
I know they're very controversial creatures...some people love them whilst others hate them.
I have to agree I think I might have a problem if one chose to nest in my roof space or attic...making an incredible smell and mess, but so far they've stayed at a distance so I'm okay about them. 
It's very difficult to get a good photo as they are nocturnal marsupials and therefore as this model above demonstrates very well...snooze during the day! 

(This photograph is curtisy of unisa.edu.au )

I think I may need a snooze now I've sat down....
I hope you have a productive day too :D