Artists Play Room...Make Me Laugh!

I now realise when someone asks 'Make them laugh' it's an incredibly difficult thing to do. 
But that's just what Jenn at the Artist Play Room decided for this week's theme...what a challenge!
Don't get me wrong...I can have my funny moments and sometimes I don't even know I'm being funny but this week I had trouble.
Being funny on demand is a special talent and I now have a profound respect for comedian's.
I've got so many stories and tales that I'd love to share with you and I'm sure they'd have you in stitches like the time my brother chaperoned my mother into the sea to protect her from the terrors that lurk within (as you can guess she wasn't exactly a water baby or an Ester Williams)....but she trusted her only son and gripped his hand...and what happened?....he lost her when the first wave hit! 
She emerged a few minutes later crawling along the sea bed like a dredger or some creature from the deep...(children ran from the beach screaming)...her newly set hair hanging over her eyes with embellishments of seaweed...her bikini top virtually down by her knees with the weight of sand, grit, seashells and crustations...she later confessed that she'd never had her top so full!!!
In the brief few seconds that my brother lost her hand, he was nearly hysterical shouting out  "I've lost my mother...I can't believe I've lost her!" 
We do have photographic evidence of this event (someone had the foresight to grab the not me this time)....and if only I could have waded through the boxes of photo's in time for the challenge, I would have entered it....I'm sure you would have had a titter. (whoops no pun intended ;D)

Or there was the time when as an expat attending one of the gazillions of parties one event springs to mind...the time when a couple were leaving the country and we had a pool party. Not at our house I hasten to add but in an apartment complex and we (the royal we that is) thought it was a good idea to launch the couple off into their new life...but we took it literally and launched them in a cast iron bath into the deep end of the pool! Glug....glug...glug!
By now I hope you're in fits of laughter as I let you move onto my entry....
Yeah...someone pinched my week AGAIN!!!!

So maybe one day soon I'll let you see photos and hear what I would have liked to enter but for now I thought I'd pay homage to our host!
This is for you Jenn and I hope at least it makes you smile if nothing else! :D

As the cartoon indicates...Jenn is a Canadian who is a whizz on the computer and not afraid to use it!
She is generous with her time and energy to a fault and encourages and inspires everyone's artwork by hosting the Artist's Play Room. She's also the Canadian contributing Editor of Featuring Magazine. How cool is that?
Her blog is called 'Just Add Water Silly' hence the water bottle in the cartoon...
Oh and my 'tangled Moose antlers are just a little signature. 

Well that's me done for today ~ It's Friday and so...whoohoo...let the weekend commence!
There's snow in the hills here ...can you imagine Australia having snow, it still strikes me as odd...I know it's my fault I should never have said spring was on it's way.... ;D
Enjoy your Friday and try to make someone's not easy but so good to do