Artist Play Room ~ 'The Series'

When reading Jenn's announcement that this weeks Artists Play Room theme would be 'In Series' it just happened to coincide with whilst I was sitting watching the Olympic Games and poof there it was 'the series' right before my eyes! 
Five circles, five venues, five icons from those countries and five dates!
Now I have to explain before you carry on that I pushed myself to try to be loose this week...but I fear I was so loose I virtually came undone!
I'm not going to say anything negative at all this week because I promised Jenn that I wouldn't do that...and I am aware that it can get very tiresome for anyone visiting, plus there's always the thought that the person moaning is just fishing for compliments...but trust me...I'm not...whoops I nearly slipped into pulling this piece to pieces...wooooh there!
Phewph that was there you have contribution to this week's challenge. ZIP!

The fact that Britain currently holds 5 Gold Medals is purely coincidental...maybe I should draw 50 circles and see what happens!
I'm hoping that I don't get into trouble for using the Olympic rings because I've heard some incredible the poor Granny who was knitting dolls clothes with the ring design on them, to sell for the church charity...she was told she could be prosecuted if she carried on...or the florist that put floral coloured rings in their shop window! Has the world gone mad?

Why not pop over to Jenn's place to check out all the other fantastic talented artists.....I'm sure you'll be in for a real treat! ;D
Meanwhile I'm heading back to my comfort zone and finish my Kookaburra and a new design that I am actually thrilled with...more about that another time!
Have a wonderful weekend no matter what you get up to and let's hope that sun shines :D