What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW 164

Morning everyone....especially my fellow WOYWWer's....it's Wednesday yet again...
so it's time for show and tell for lots of creative crafters/artists and like minded people. 
If you're new to the term WOYWW or just here for the first time and wonder what on earth I'm talking about....then take a look at Julia's blog at Stamping Ground

But firstly today I have a confession....I don't actually do all the art work....here's the real artist!

(Yep I'm still on the dining room table and spreading...see the cabinet behind? Roll on spring and I can get back into the studio)

I just couldn't resist....(LOL) ;D
I know (and she knows) she shouldn't be up at the dining room table...and as you can see by her expression and her ears being down that she wasn't impressed that there wasn't any food up there.
I'm making my entry super short this week...but I'll be sure to have lots of finished work for you next week. Promise!
I'd just like to thank everyone who visited my place during last week and I'm sorry if I didn't get to you. 
I'll try to do better this week. :D
Have fun desk hopping everyone!