What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW 163

Morning everyone....especially my fellow WOYWWer's....well it's Wednesday again...which means show and tell for lots of creative crafters/artists and like minded people. If you're new to the term WOYWW or just here for the first time and wonder what on earth I'm talking about....
then take a look at Julia blog at Stamping Ground
It's amazing and you never know what you'll see...but be warned it can be addictive.

I can't believe that I've hardly done any art this last week because I did have good intentions. There again, I did bake a lemon dizzle cake (don't look if you value your waistline) and also I managed a challenge which involved illustrating a favourite recipe. I decided on Sausage Stew but I only gave myself a day to do it. 
I'm my own worst enemy! :$
So I suppose that may be classed as being a little creative...of sorts.

I'm still using the dining room table as my desk but this week I wasn't alone....I had an invasion...not of the beastie or alien kind...but my son has been working at home and using my space!!!!
I'm looking forward to the weather warming up so that I can get back into my studio...it would be nice to have the dining room table looking like it should and to not be constantly setting up and clearing away.
  And so lets get on with the show and tell.....
 My son wouldn't let me include him in this photo (lots of low level noise...you know how they can be...you can't hear what's being said exactly, but you get the gist they're not happy) but the can of coke proves that he's there!
I did rush this photo so I apologise for the quality....someone got into a little tizzy because I was standing on a chair taking it!
There is another laptop on the chair at the rear of the shot...and the pears will be revealed later in the week....(hopefully)...so watch this space.  Poor Mr Kookaburra is only half dressed and I was going to add colour to him...but my heads not been in the right place this week, so I'm taking my time with him.
Maybe he'll be in all his splendour by next week?
Can you see the later afternoon sun streaming through the window....springs knocking at the door ~ Yay! ;D 

I'd like to just end by thanking everyone who visited my place during last week and I'm sorry if I didn't get to you. I'll try to do better next week I promise. :D
Have fun desk hopping everyone!