What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW 161

Morning wonderful WOYWWer's....well Wednesday's here again....
Oh yes and 'Happy 4th of July' to all my American readers!
Firstly I must apologise to everyone if I didn't get to visit you last week...I did try believe me.
And guess what?...today I'm going to take you outside...even though it's winter here, I thought I'd show you my outside workdesk (well temporary desk ~ normally used in summer for dining). 
I'll need to explain because just by looking at the photo you may be confused.....it's a hanging manger 
that was enjoyed thoughtout the whole of last summer and well into the autumn. 
But sadly it's had it's day...so I'm remodelling it as a winter basket.
As you can see the old plants have really gone leggy trying to catch any sunlight....(hey...maybe my legs might grow using that principle...nah...I thought not....bummer!)

I plan to repot and reuse some of the plants later but for now I'll put in hardy winter plants...
although hardy isn't really necessary. 
The lowest temperature we've had here in Melbourne this winter has been 3 degrees celcius overnight. 
So no frost so far ~ you watch now it will come and bite me for saying that!
So to keep my post short which is always our objective and to keep in Julia's good books....as they say
'Here's one I prepared earlier'
That way you see the finished product....and can you believe it...the sun appeared for the photo! 
It's still got a lot of growing to do and there is a trailing geramium in the bottom centre that hasn't quite got going yet...but I'm hopeful! ;D

If you'd like to see the process in a little more detail click here

But I couldn't leave WOYWW today without showing you a doodle that I finished during the week...
I love mushrooms so it was time I added them into the collection. I hope you like it?

If you've read all this post (thank you) or if you are confused or new to the term WOYWW? 
Then nip over to Julia's place at Stamping Ground where all will become clear. 
You'll have a great time and see some amazing art, creations and work desks throughout the world...but beware it can be addictive!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone....keep smiling: D