Sausage Stew ~ Illustrated Recipe for the Artist Playroom

Imagine combining two of my and art...well that's what the creative genious Jenn decided for this weeks Artist Playroom. 
Not only would we see some amazing art from the talented artists but also get some fantastic recipes to boot!

The trouble being what on earth to pick out of the gazillion recipes I'd when Thursday afternoon came and I still hadn't decided, I thought enough is enough girl...get on with it!  
Just call me 'Tail-End Charlie'.
I'm hoping the time difference between here and Jenn's place might work in my favour and the Playroom may still be open. : -$
So what did I decide upon in the of my oldest recipes and a favourite....'Sausage Stew'.

Now when I say an old favourite, I'm talking way far back that the recipe came from my first ever cookery book which I bought when I got engaged. 
I thought it was time and I'd better start to learn how to cook!
If you could see the page in the book that this recipe came from, you would probably be put off say the amount of food on the page could feed a village is probably an understatement!
This recipe lends itself to so many's all cooked in the one pan and is soooooooo easy. 
It would be perfect for students, first time cooks or cheflets, breakfast, supper, a good hangover brekkie, lunch or weekday evening meal. It also freezes perfectly so basically it's a winner anytime. Oh yes, and over the years I've adapted it (but this is the original version) and it just works everytime. 
It's a real friend ready whenever you need it! Perfect. ;D 

Whoops times marching I'd better link up with the Artist Playroom.

I've decided to write out the recipe below just in case it proves too difficult for anyone to read.
Make sure that you pop over to  Jenn's place to check out all the other fantastic talented artists and their favourite recipes...I'm sure you'll be in for a more ways than one!

Sausage Stew
Ingredients ~ serves 4

Metric / Imperial / American
0.5kg / 1 lb / 1 lb sausages (any kind of sausages will work) 
1 large onion ~ sliced
50g / 2oz / ¼ cup streaky bacon ~ chopped
25g / 1oz / ¼ cup plain flour
300mls / ½ pint / 1¼ cups of beef stock
100g / 4oz / 1 cup button mushrooms ~ sliced
1 tablespoon tomato purée 
salt and pepper
1 (220g / 7¾ oz / 8oz) can of baked beans 
Chopped parsley to garnish

Place the sausages in the oven or cook in a pan slowly until browned, turning frequently for about 10 minutes.
Remove and keep warm. (If using large sausages cut into chunks) 
In the same pan add the onions and sauté gently until lightly browned.
Add the streaky bacon and cook for 2~3 minutes.
Stir in the flour and cook for a minute or so then slowly add the stock,
Next add the mushrooms, tomato purée and seasoning.
Blend thoroughly.
Return the sausages to the pan, stir in the baked beans, cover and cook slowly for 10 ~15 minutes.
Remove to a serving dish and garnish with parsley.
Serve with mashed potato and carrots. 

(At various times I have added tinned tomatoes too which works well plus sometimes because I want a large amount I add two tins of baked beans) 
This recipe can be tweaked numerous ways, but always delivers a good enjoyable meal that as yet I've to find anyone who didn't like it! 
'bon appétit'!  
Have a wonderful weekend everyone ~ have fun and keep smiling!