Artist Playroom ~ Pears

Yesterday on my morning walk with Mufftypup, we met a bouncing black lab who was so full of life and very excitable to say the least...but it wasn't until he'd ran full circle around us three times and then bounded off that I noticed he only had three legs! His back hind leg was missing.
You would never know by his actions, mobility and full of life antics.
He was incredibly agile and it just made me think he obviously felt good to be alive and mobile! 
Very mobile considering...but what a challenge he must have been through to reach that point. He was inspirational and he stayed in my thoughts for most of the day.
So why am I telling you this little tale...well I too have faced a challenge this week, but no way near what that black lab had to deal with but a challenge all the same. 
There were times during the week I thought nah...'I'll just not bother'...'I'm too busy'....or 'well its Wednesday' or 'I haven't finished that job yet' fact any masses of excuses came to mind, but then I thought I never like to give in so why start now? 
So onwards and upwards....and my challenge was....pears!!! Yep...I said pears!

Jenn from the Artist Playroom set this week's topic for the Artist Play Room to be pears....just because she liked them! How inconsiderate is that....I mean pears! I hummed and ahhhed for a few days and decided that I'd just post a photo...easy peasy lemon squeezey. When I got the shot I wanted and please note I haven't got one of those fandabbydozzey white light boxes and we are in winter here (okay enough excuses) I was quite pleased, but then realised I hadn't really stretched myself to a challenge and this is what it's all about. Taking me out of my comfort zone and helping me improve my work.

 Jenn very kindly encouraged me (when I winged to her) that maybe I could do zentangle pears.
She's such a sweetie and so encouraging ;D 
But then I thought I don't want to always do ' I'm still getting to know the Derwent I bit the bullet and painted the pears this morning.  
I could pull it to pieces as I usually do...I'm my own worst critic but I do feel I've made some progress with the pencils today, so I'll hold onto that positive thought!
And so Jenn thank you yet again for pushing me...not only with timescales but with techniques and subject matter. I don't think I've ever painted a pear before! 
As a thank you treat and sort of in keeping with last week's challenge of the illustrated recipe, I thought I'd let you have a look at my Pear and Almond Cake

I'm heading over to Jenn's place now to check out all the other fantastic talented why don't you join me....I'm sure you'll be in for a treat! ;D