Artist Play Room...Canada

Phewph....Can you believe it? I've actually managed to paint for this week's Artist's Playroom challenge.
I KNOW! I can't believe it either...
The theme was anything Canadian due to our lovely host Jenn being extremely patriotic and the fact that it was Canada's birthday on 1st July.  
I really wanted to pay my own little tribute to Canada ~ it's a special place for me personally, so had to knuckle down and come up with something appropriate. 
Jenn mentioned the theme could be red and white (the Canadian flag colours) but when I think of red and white, I immediately think of my boys football team (soccer) I won't mention who they are as it might alienate some of my readers...but here's a clue...we do originate from the North-West of the UK! ;D
 So after spending numerous days coming up with all sorts of ideas for my entry...
I finally decided on our favourite...Maple Syrup!
 We use quite a lot of maple syrup and honey in our house especially when there's crêpes on the go.
But please keep in mind the term 'artistic licence' when viewing my entry, plus it's the first time I've used the Derwent Intense Pencils....whooooo....and let me tell you, it was scary!
I've got such a lot to learn but at least I've started. I think I'll be looking for online tutorials to help
....something I've never done before (not for any particular's just this old bird didn't even know such things existed until a few weeks ago!)
Not only does Jenn host the brilliantly inspiring Artist Playroom where people/artist come together to have fun, challenge themselves, aspire or be inspired weekly, she is also an Angel....yep...not everyone knows that, but she is...and a clever one at that!
I had mentioned that I'd been working through one of her previous posts on cool tools for your blog (which as the title states is cool, really cool, especially a real eye opener for this techy challenged numpty) but I had difficulty. I wanted to try and have a signature at the end of my blogs. Simple I can hear some of you say...but hey...techy t'internetty thingymebobs sometimes take me to the brink!
I've seen other blogs with their signature and I can't help myself...I wanted one too, but then couldn't get it to display properly! 
Then just a day ago Jenn sent me an email, out of the blue with all the links and lingo for my signature. She'd even been into my blog to get an idea for the design and which colours would best compliment my posts. 
Also written explict detailed instruction for a dozy dollie like me to be able to follow and finally get a brilliant result ;D
Now I have to say quickly here that it's no good you all swamping Jenn with requests for her talents....she is a very busy lady and I'm special (some say 'very special' meaning I'm not all there with my cough-drops)
But take a look at her blog and check out the tools link and maybe you'll be able to be a clever bunny too!
So there's my entry for this week APR...but please don't just look at mine because you really should see the other entrants'll see some amazing talent....
Only one more thing to say before I go...
I hope everyone had a Happy Canada Day 
(and also Happy Independence Day to our American friends!)

Check out that snazzy signature....not bad en?