Artist Play Room ~ Pen, Paper and Ink

Well here I am again giving myself such a hard time over whether or not to post an entry to the Artist Play Room? Why, oh why do I leave it so late to work on a piece?
I'd promised myself last week that I would give myself more time and I did actually start planning early on but then whoosh the time went flying out of the window.
Jenn decided that this weeks topic would be ink, pens and paper. 
So to post or not to post....Hmm....
Now please remember I was thinking outside of the box Jenn! 

Okay well here it is.... no ink pots, scrolls, or fountain pens in's the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House of course.
Did you know that the bridge had her 80th birthday this year?...You may have witnessed the fantastic New Year firework displays that brought the old girl to life ~ she's one party animal and certainly not feeling her age or prepared to sit back quietly. 
Okay so maybe I am stalling before showing the drawing...
I'm not sure about this drawing and feel I may redraw it again this weekend...I like the idea but I'm not sure about the execution!
(I'm off now for a few hours sleep before an early rise tomorrow morning to watch the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Unfortunately we'll have to view most events here at silly-o-clock, but I'm sure it will be worth it.)
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